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7389Re: Opportunity from North Country RC&D Council - The GeoLab Project

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  • Gordon, Andrew
    Nov 21, 2013

      Dear RC&D Councils:


      In an effort to provide new services and opportunities to and from local RC&D Councils and to foster better communication; the NARC&DC would like to share with you this potential income stream opportunity being brought to you by the folks at North Country RC&D Council in New Hampshire.  Please note that the NARC&DC does not endorse, warrant or represent the information, views they express or the products/services they offer.  This information is being brought to you as a potential opportunity, information and listings which we hope are helpful to you and your local RC&D Council. 


      From: The North Country RC&D Council


      To:  All Interested RC&D Councils Nationwide


      Subject: New Income Stream for RC&Ds


      RC&D Councils around the country, even those who may not be meeting regularly, are encouraged to explore the emerging RC&D GeoLab.  RC&D GeoLab is a social enterprise created with RC&D Councils in mind.


      RC&D GeoLab is a project that offers a new service with a potential for a new revenue stream for existing RC&Ds or the potential to revitalize a struggling RC&D organization.


      Designed and being developed by the North Country RC&D Council in New Hampshire, the RC&D GeoLab can be deployed by an RC&D Council to facilitate new partnerships, both on and off-line, using the power of the internet to develop, market, and fund projects and business concepts.


      Today you can explore this opportunity by visiting the GeoLab Library @ www.lakegeolab.org and discussing it further among colleagues by joining the RC&D GeoLab private Group within LinkedIn.  To join: login to Linkedin, search ‘RC&D GeoLab’ and hit Join.


      The North Country RC&D will be in touch with you soon to discuss their upcoming - not to be missed -Webinar Series in early December - The RC&D GeoLab: A Jump- Start for the RC&D Social Revolution.  Watch for these important announcements via email and the RC&D Yahoo Group


      Andrew Gordon, Executive Director/Counsel

      National Association of RC&D Councils

      444 North Capitol Street, N.W.

      Suite 618

      Washington, D.C. 20001

      (P) 202-434-4780

      (F) 202-434-4783