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Re: Error 429 with Win7/64

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  • James Setzler
    Hi John, Larry, et al Thanks for the replies. I ve uninstalled all N1MM files. I turned off Norton anti-virus and re-downloaded the Full Install to the hard
    Message 1 of 4 , May 25, 2013
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      Hi John, Larry, et al

      Thanks for the replies.

      I've uninstalled all N1MM files. I turned off Norton anti-virus and
      re-downloaded the Full Install to the hard drive. Run the full install .exe
      download as Administrator. Re-booted. Downloaded the latest updates. Run
      .exe as Administrator. Re-booted. Executed N1MM. NO JOY. I got the same
      429 and 91 errors. I've looked at the .log files. Nothing apparent jumps
      out at me; like garbled text, error messages, truncated lines of text, etc..

      I reran the 2 "regsvr32 "c\..." " programs; again with the same (bad)

      Any additional hints from the group?

      73 James K1SD

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      Sat May 25, 2013 12:47 am (PDT) . Posted by:

      "John Bednar" johnk3ct


      Many of us are using Win7 64 without error.

      Something local to your computer(s) appears to prevent the installer from
      installing the program correctly. Maybe it's the security software that you
      have running on your computer.

      Are running the installers without saving them to your hard disk?

      Each installer writes a log file. Open them and look for errors.

      John, K3CT

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      New laptop with Win7 64 bit. After fresh install of N1MM and latest update,
      I get "429-Active X component can't create object" at initial boot of the
      program. It wants to send error report [OK]. Then it gives me a "Run-time
      error 91; Object variable or With block variable not set" [OK] and N1MM
      shuts down. The online documentation lists what appears to be the fix:

      Run: regsvr32 "C\WINDOWS\System32\scrrun.dll" and then:

      Run: regsvr32 "C\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft

      In both cases NO JOY.

      After each I get " The module "regsvr32 "C\...." failed to load. Make sure
      the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems
      with the binary or dependent .DDL files. The specified module could not be

      Several months ago I had a Win7/32 desktop that was happy with N1MM. It had
      a major failure and I had it rebuilt with Win7/64. I got these same errors
      and so for expediency I had it reloaded with Win7/32. All FB with N1MM
      after that. Now it is happening again with a different computer with Win 7
      64 bit.

      I shouldn't think Windows 7 64 bit and N1MM would be incompatible. Help

      73 James K1SD

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