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Re: Frequency moving

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  • ik2xsl
    ... sometimes it ... reason for ... shift is ... MMTTY) ... from ... Hi Rick, I ll give it a try. To make the mark frequency don t move I have to set it on
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2002
      --- In N1MMLogger@y..., Rick Ellison <rellison@t...> wrote:
      > Hi Marco..
      > Try clicking the afc button on and off. I have noticed that
      sometimes it
      > doesnt pick up that the afc should be off. This would be your
      reason for
      > the mark frequency moving. It is searching for a signal. If your
      shift is
      > moving also I would look in the setting of MMTTY (Setting/Setup
      > and see that the shift is marks as fixed or Ham. this would stop it
      > moving....

      Hi Rick, I'll give it a try. To make the mark frequency don't move I
      have to set it on then off again (it should work).
      I have noticed then, going on the mmtty settings and changing
      something, sometimes it doesn't do the job.
      I change the shift from free to ham, click ok, close and re-open
      digital interface, go again in the settings and shift is again free.
      If I remember well, this is not happening all the times, just
      I played a bit trying to see frequency not moving, but when I noticed
      this, I believe to be on candid camera!!
      Please, give me your e-mail address, I'll send you the screen shot
      settings, so you can correct me.
      TIA, Marco - IK2XSL. (ik2xsl@...).
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