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97300Re: [N1MM] Sending buffered commands to K1EL Winkey

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  • Larry Gauthier (K8UT)
    Jul 19 7:07 PM

      Section CW Macros describes special CW macros. The > and < macro
      characters can be used to increase and decrease CW sending speed within a
      Function Key message. Examples are listed beneath it in section


      -larry (K8UT)
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      From: Siniša Burina sburina@... [N1MMLogger]
      Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2014 10:12 AM
      To: N1MMLogger@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [N1MM] Sending buffered commands to K1EL Winkey


      I was wondering if there's a way to send any host mode buffered commands to
      the winkey from N1MM's
      CW macro? For instance, to speed up the exchange for, say, 5 WPM, then lower
      it back to the original

      In Winkey's standalone mode there are embedded commands for that (/Y and
      /Z), but in host mode
      there's no such thing, just the command to set the exact speed. But I can't
      figure out whether it's
      possible to send even that command from the CW macro.

      I guess I'm out of luck here, since there's no mention of it in the manuals,
      FAQs, etc.
      In that case, please let me know if this is the right place to bother the
      author with some wishes
      for the future release? :)

      Please accept my apologies if this subject had been already discussed, but I
      couldn't dig out
      anything appropriate myself.

      I have several more questions, but let's take it slowly, one at a time.. :)

      Thank you!

      Siniša Burina, YU1SX

      Posted by: =?UTF-8?B?U2luacWhYSBCdXJpbmE=?= <sburina@...>

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