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94057Re: [N1MM] pci express card for FSK RTTY

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  • Jeff Blaine
    Dec 1, 2013
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      I have used a Syba card based on the MOSCHIP 9901 with excellent results under XP, Win7x32 and Win7x64.  It’s a tiny card about 3”x3” or so in size.  It’s nice because it has a large connector which breaks out the 4 serial connections on a dongle.
      I’ve used another generic card bought a couple of years earlier which also works fine – but that card occupies 2 external back-case slots to accommodate the 4 serial where the Syba just uses one. 

      Sent: Monday, December 02, 2013 12:42 PM
      Subject: RE: Re: [N1MM] pci express card for FSK RTTY

       Hello all,

      thanks much for the replies.  looks like there are several brand and model numbers to choose from for FSK RTTY with a PCI Express serial card.  I think I got hung up on usually it is problems posted, and heard several issues, and was not finding anything on specific cards and model numbers that did work.

      with that, the Syba SI-PEX50054 looks much like an older Syba full PCI version I have that works.  looks like this PCI Express version will also work and will be my first choice.  but then the SIIG JJ-E02111-S1 for serial ports only should work as the Bytecc BT-PE2S1P.  Looks like the StarTech PEX2S5531P maybe the PCI Express specific model # for them.  so several backups.  and looks like Rosewill is not doing so well.

      in the end Bill and Ron said it well, most PCI Express cards should work for FSK RTTY, it is the USB to serial cables that maybe harder to find one that works.

      thanks again to all that replied,

      73 and good luck in the contests, jay wa0www

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      I think you'll find that any PCI express card will work fine. People
      sometimes have problems with a USB to serial cable not handling RTTY, but
      any card which plugs directly into the motherboard should be no problem.

      I bought a 2 port serial card from China for something like $5 including
      shipping about 3 years ago. Worked fine, 1 port to control the MP and the
      2nd to do the FSK with the MP.

      OK, back in my hole,

      Ron, KU7Y
      CWOps #1211
      Northern California Contest Club
      Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
      Silver Springs, NV
      KX3 #0062
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