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94045Re: [N1MM] pci express card for FSK RTTY

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  • Bill Turner
    Dec 1 1:20 PM
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      On Sun, 1 Dec 2013 15:45:08 +0000, Jay wrote:

      >got a
      >good black friday deal on a new desktop (win 8, i5 core) and it has 3 PCI express
      >x1 slots. looking in the archives for a while, i am not finding any suggestions
      >for RS-232 serial cards (2 or 4 port; actually would prefer 1 parallel 2 serial; etc.) that will
      >work with FSK RTTY at 45.45 baud. the card descriptions tend to say how fast they
      >can go, not how slow.
      >anyone like to offer up some suggestions (Syba, Startech, etc) for PCI Express cards
      >that are working for RTTY FSK?


      I think you'll find that any PCI express card will work fine. People
      sometimes have problems with a USB to serial cable not handling RTTY, but
      any card which plugs directly into the motherboard should be no problem.

      73, Bill W6WRT
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