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94037pci express card for FSK RTTY

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  • Jay R. Holcomb
    Dec 1, 2013
      hi all,

      got a good black friday deal on a new desktop (win 8, i5 core) and it has 3 PCI express x1 slots. looking in the archives for a while, i am not finding any suggestions for RS-232 serial cards (2 or 4 port; actually would prefer 1 parallel 2 serial; etc.) that will work with FSK RTTY at 45.45 baud. the card descriptions tend to say how fast they can go, not how slow.

      would anyone like to offer up some suggestions (Syba, Startech, etc) for PCI Express cards that are working for RTTY FSK?

      thanks and 73, jay wa0www

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