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94032RE: NRAU 10 Meter Contest - problem

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  • radio_ng2d
    Nov 30, 2013

      Hmmm, I though I did try an in-band frequency. I tried 28050 now and it does work. However, the bottom of the band always worked in other contests, so i fully expected it to work with this one too.
      N1MM has been so reliable that I am surprised that this error occurred.

      Of course there is still a problem in that it should not have allowed 144000 as a frequency for this 10 meter contest.



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      TRY    28003 ?  I suspect the program thinks your out of band at 28000.


      Rex K7QQ



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      I was set up N1MM for the upcoming NARU NAC 10 meter contest (NRAU10M) and decided to test it out. I typed in 28000 for a frequency then entered a call and grid number. I received an error saying "QSO on Wrong Band". Despite trying a few variations I could not get past the error. I tried Band category=all and Band category =10m, among others. I found it does work if I set the frequency to 144000.  It appears that N1MM thinks this is a VHF contest. Although it looks like an N1MM definition error perhaps i am doing something wrong. Any ideas?


      Bill - NG2D


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