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92066Re: [N1MM] Importing ADIF from DXKeeper to N1MM - Says needs DX (format).

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  • Bob Turner
    Aug 28, 2013
      Its formatted wrong.

      From: Tom Osborne
      Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 11:01 PM
      To: N1MMLogger@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: RE: RE: Re: [N1MM] Importing ADIF from DXKeeper to N1MM - Says needs DX (format).

      Is my formatting wrong, or is there something wrong with this message. Sure
      hard to read!!! 73
      Tom W7WHY

      Jeez, it's even worse than last time. This web interface sucks
      big-time!!!!!!!!!!!! Rich VE3KI --- In mailto:N1MMLogger%40yahoogroups.com,
      <ve3ki@...> wrote: Yahoo groups has a new web interface - a giant step
      backwards. I am posting from the web interface. In my last message it
      removed all my paragraphing, which doesn't help readability, but let's see
      if I can figure out how to get it to work this time. Using the fields in
      Bob's ADIF file example, you won't have any trouble with the basic QSO data
      suspect that most of the APP_N1MM_ fields (POINTS, RADIO_NR, RUN1RUN2,
      RADIOINTERFACED and NETWORKEDCOMPNR) can probably be left out, but on the
      other hand it's trivial to add them with a global replace command in a text
      editor. The important ones that are guaranteed not to be there in the
      DXKeeper file but that you are going to need include the <SECTION:2>HI and
      <CONTEST_ID:9>QSO-PARTY (these are the ones that tell the Logger which
      contest it is), the APP_N1MM_EXCHANGE1 field (for HI counties), and whatever
      the Logger uses for W/VE states from a KH6 station (possibly <STATE:2>CA,
      etc., or perhaps the APP_N1MM_EXCHANGE1 field, or maybe even both - if both
      appear in the N1MM Logger ADIF output for a dummy contact with a W/VE
      station, you will need both in the imported file). I hope this helps. I hope
      the formatting is better than last time. It may take me a few iterations to
      get the hang of this. 73, Rich VE3KI --- In mailto:N1MMLogger%40yahoogroups.com ,
      <ve3ki@...> wrote: When in doubt, try consulting the documentation (I know,
      that's so old-fashioned, but believe it or not, the answer is usually
      there). Go to <
      >, select question 4 and read the answer carefully. In your case, I would
      create a dummy log for the HI QSO Party, and log at least one dummy contact
      with a Hawaiian station, one dummy contact with a W/VE station, and one
      dummy contact with a DX station. Export an ADIF file from that dummy log and
      inspect it very carefully. Look at how all of the exchange information is
      recorded in that file (<tag:nn>data, where nn is the number of characters in
      the data) and take special note of the tags that are used for each field in
      each contact. If exchange information from the three different contacts is
      stored in different ADIF fields, take special note of that (e.g. the county
      from a Hawaiian station might be stored in a different field than the
      state/province from a W/VE station). Now make a copy of the ADIF file you
      exported from DXKeeper and open it with a text editor. Your goal is to make
      this file look functionally similar to the dummy ADIF file exported from
      N1MM Logger. The fields do not need to be in the same order, and formatting
      issues like spacing and line breaks do not matter, but the essential QSO
      data, and particularly any information that reflects the exchanges you sent
      and received, needs to be in the file using the same tags that N1MM Logger
      uses. Take care to ensure that exchanges for QSOs in the different
      categories (HI, W/VE and DX) are recorded in the right fields. After saving
      this edited ADIF file, and after making sure that your station information
      is configured correctly in N1MM Logger (so the program knows whether you are
      in-state or out-of-state), open a new database in N1MM Logger (*not* just a
      new file in the same database you have already been trying), and create a
      new HI QSO Party log in that new database. Now try importing the modified
      ADIF file into that new empty log. If the QSOs are all imported, use Tools >
      Rescore Current Contest, then File > Generate Cabrillo File to create a
      Cabrillo file. If you didn't get it quite right and need to try again, be
      advised that you cannot re-import the same QSOs into a different log in the
      same database. You will have to either delete the entire contest log (not
      just the QSOs in it) from the database, or create a new database to import
      into. 73, Rich VE3KI --- In mailto:N1MMLogger%40yahoogroups.com , <buckb001@...>
      wrote: I tried inserting the <SECTION:2>HI and changed the CONTEST_ID to

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