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90361Re: [N1MM] Re: PTT on Radio 2 invoked in SO1V mode

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  • Michael Adams
    May 6 6:51 AM
      In case anyone in the future is searching through the archives with this
      issue, I thought I'd close the loop with a discovery.

      In this weekend's contests (ARIDX, 7QP, INQP, NEWE), I continued to have
      the PTT-on-radio-2 with N1MM in SO1V mode issue. I never did downgrade,
      because of impending versioning concerns ahead of Field Day.

      Late Saturday, the problem became particularly annoying (radio 2 being
      keyed when sending on radio 1, even in SO2R mode).

      Frustrated, before I started back on the air Sunday morning, I deleted the
      .ini file, and reconfigured the logger from scratch.

      Knock wood, the headache seems to have gone away.

      While I won't discount the possibility of user-error.... "nuke from orbit
      and start fresh" seems to have been an effective resolution.

      *Michael D. Adams* (N1EN)
      Poquonock, Connecticut | mda@...

      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:29 AM, Jim Sharp <jimsharp1@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Michael, I don�t know if I have a related problem, but on every version
      > (newer than) 13.03.03 in S02R, radio 2 PTT keys radio 1 and I can�t key
      > radio 2 FSK. This only occurs in digital modes.
      > Using 2 K3�s with 4 com ports (2 for CAT control and 2 for dedicated FSK
      > keying) No problem as I am just staying with ver. 13.3.3 or earlier. You
      > might go back to that ver. and see what happens
      > 73, Jim � W5AP
      > _,_._,___

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