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74608Re: Re: [N1MM] K3 - dual entry windows

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  • Terry Robinson
    Mar 1, 2011
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      Hi John,

      I exit the program via Alt-F4 then hitting the Yes button.

      When setting the SO2V button, I have to use the JAWS cursor, as for some reason, I can't up and down arrow through these radio buttons.

      In fact, I'm glad you ask me about this as there are quite a few issues in the Configurer dialog which aren't terribly accessible. Granted, these things don't need to be altered very often, but it would be good to be able to set the program up without sighted intervention.

      Returning to the specific question. Having gone into the configurer, I shift-tab up to the SO1V button, which always seems to be set by default. Now that I think about it, it seems likely that it's being set as my cursor goes onto it. Sadly, I can't up and down arrow between the SO1v, SO2V and SO2R buttons, so every time I cross this thing, it's reset to SO1V.

      I have to go into what's best described as the screen review mode in order to pick up these three controls and set the SO2V option.

      I don't know how that's fixed as I decided not to become a Windows techie over 15 years ago!

      As I tab through the Configurer, I soon find myself in what I presume to be the port set-up options. Sadly, all I hear is "edit" for each selection and my Braille display doesn't seem to synchronise with the tab, so I've no idea what fields I'm addressing, let alone what I'm supposed to put in there.

      Whilst this clearly isn't a high priority against the backdrop of others' specific contest issues, I would suggest that this huge dialog be rationalised.

      In the first place, it should be split up into functional areas. I'm sure it's just something that's grown organically over the years and no-one's actually decided to step off the roundabout and deal with it (HI).

      When it's been split up, perhaps some measures need to be taken to make it accessible via the keyboard. I'm sure this is good practice anyway and it would take this excellent program to an even higher level.

      Anyway, please let's know your thoughts so far. I don't know the technical details, but do have access to those who could point us in the right direction on this one.

      There are other issues, such as the Log window not being active when selected. whilst it would be good to see this (and the statistics) from time to time, I seldom give myself time and space during a contest to divert to these. You may appreciate that I can only view one thing at once, so the relevant entry window is it (HI).

      What say?

      Cheers & 73 for now,




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