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61761Re: [N1MM] Lost in ESM-Land

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  • Art Burke
    Jul 3, 2009
      Tnx Ted (and to Pete, Iain and Art1) for the comments on ESM. I do use Morse Runner a lot for practice to increase my CW speed. Never dawned on me that it was so much like ESM.

      We had a brand new guy come in early Sunday morning (Field Day) and I tried to tutor him for 20 minutes or so. He had never seen N1MM before and I had no idea what his learning and/or operating skills were like. In retrospect, I wondered if I should have left ESM on for him, but the "..F5 then F2.." confused him initially anyway. I stuck with F1 for CQ, F5 then F2 for the exchange and F3 to say thanks and log the QSO.

      I made a little "cheat sheet" and stuck between the keyboard and monitor so he could easily see it. He managed to use that to get through a couple of hours without too much difficulty.

      After his shift I asked him if he felt I "threw him under the bus." He felt that I didn't and was really enthused about N1MM.

      Of course Field Day using N1MM is about as simple as it gets - contesting-wise.

      Art - N4PJ

      --- In N1MMLogger@yahoogroups.com, "Ted Bryant" <w4nz@...> wrote:
      > "...in S&P if you don't get through on the first call you just hit F4 until
      > you do..."
      > - Put your call in F8 instead of "agn", then (as long as the received
      > exchange field is empty) you can continue to hit Enter until you get
      > through.
      > "...In Run if you call a station and they don't respond, you just hit F5
      > then F2..."
      > - or, just hit the "+/=" key, which always repeats the last message sent
      > Remember, if you sometimes get confused when using ESM, hitting individual
      > message keys to send what you want ALWAYS works. So does Alt-Enter to log
      > the QSO without sending anything. And, logging the QSO resets ESM for the
      > next one.
      > 73, Ted W4NZ
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      > Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 7:18 AM
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      > Subject: Re: [N1MM] Lost in ESM-Land
      > Hi Art 2,
      > It's not that tough. In a CW contest you either enter data and hit
      > enter or just hit enter. If you leave N1MM Logger in big gun mode the
      > only exceptions are repeats. For example in S&P if you don't get
      > through on the first call you just hit F4 until you do. In Run if you
      > call a station and they don't respond, you just hit F5 then F2. About
      > the only other exception is to repeat your report which you can do by
      > hitting F2 or use specific report repeat keys. RTTY contests are even
      > easier because you don't have to enter the callsign, just hit insert
      > or use the {GRAB} command.
      > BTW A good way to practice ESM for CW is use VE3NEA's Morse Runner
      > program. http://www.dxatlas.com/MorseRunner/
      > 73, Art 3
      > 73 Art W2NRA
      > "Keep to the Code!"
      > w2nra.com
      > On Jul 2, 2009, at 6:12 AM, Art Burke <aburkefl@...> wrote:
      > > Sounds like I need to break out the dummy load and practice some
      > > sequences! Many thanks.
      > >
      > > A couple of times it was like flying a 747 with the autopilot on.
      > > All was well until I accidentally shut off the autopilot!
      > >
      > > Art - N4PJ
      > >
      > > --- In N1MMLogger@yahoogroups.com, Pete Smith <n4zr@> wrote:
      > >>
      > >> Yes, but even before that, in Run mode, once the program recognizes a
      > >> correct exchange in the exchange section of the entry window, the
      > >> highlight will switch to F3, telling you it is ready to send the TU
      > >> message and log the QSO. You'll discover a different situation in
      > >> S&P ESM - after you copy the other guy's exchange, the program logs
      > >> the QSO and then sends him your exchange = if he asks for a repeat
      > >> you can always hit the "=" key, or hit F2.
      > >>
      > >> 73, Pete N4ZR
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>> Thanks Pete (tnx also to N6ML, who had some good tips).
      > >>>
      > >>> In the panic of the moment, I didn't think about just going back to
      > >>> the "standard" function keys to complete the contact.
      > >>>
      > >>> Once I do that and the entry window is empty, I assume everything
      > >>> involving ESM reverts to "normal?"
      > >>>
      > >>> Art - N4PJ
      > >>>
      > >>> --- In N1MMLogger@yahoogroups.com, Pete Smith <n4zr@> wrote:
      > >>>>
      > >>>> Hi Art - a couple of things. You should try to get used to
      > >>>> noticing
      > >>>> the highlighted button and use that as your cue. If you get out of
      > >>>> sync, you can always go to the function keys themselves. If you
      > >>>> don't want to send "AGN?" to ask the other guy to repeat his
      > >>>> exchange, all you have to remember is F2 for your exchange, and
      > >>>> F3 to
      > >>>> send the TU message and log the QSO. If you find yourself
      > >>>> needing to
      > >>>> log what you got without sending CW, Alt+Enter does the trick and
      > >>>> eliminates the scramble for the ESC key when the CW starts.
      > >>>>
      > >>>> 73, Pete N4ZR
      > >>>>
      > >>>> At 02:19 PM 6/30/2009, Art Burke wrote:
      > >>>>> During Field Day I "spelled" the main CW op several times. He is
      > >>>>> even more familiar with N1MM than I and he immediately went to ESM
      > >>>>> when he started operating.
      > >>>>>
      > >>>>> During my relief periods, I sometimes got confused (surely I can
      > >>>>> blame that on N1MM?!) and did something like enter the call, then
      > >>>>> get distracted, tap something out on the paddles, *then* go back
      > >>>>> to
      > >>>>> the ENTER key. Instead of sending what I anticipated (like the
      > >>>>> class
      > >>>>> and section), I noticed the F8 function key (AGN?) was highlighted
      > >>>>> and that's what would be sent.
      > >>>>>
      > >>>>> From that point, to complete the QSO, I ended up finishing the QSO
      > >>>>> manually with the paddles, then press ENTER to log it, immediately
      > >>>>> followed by the ESC key to stop whatever else tried to come out.
      > >>>>>
      > >>>>> Bottom line - once one gets "out of sync" with ESM, what's the
      > >>>>> most
      > >>>>> effective, efficient way to get back in sync?
      > >>>>>
      > >>>>> Kudos to N4KM, who would most likely have worked the entire 24
      > >>>>> hours
      > >>>>> had we let him. We did discover something he cannot do - operate
      > >>>>> and
      > >>>>> eat spaghetti at the same time! We were indeed fortunate to have a
      > >>>>> world-class operator on the CW station and a world-class program
      > >>> to work it.
      > >>>>>
      > >>>>> Art - N4PJ
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