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61707RE: [N1MM] Lost in ESM-Land

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  • Ted Bryant
    Jul 2, 2009
      "...in S&P if you don't get through on the first call you just hit F4 until
      you do..."
      - Put your call in F8 instead of "agn", then (as long as the received
      exchange field is empty) you can continue to hit Enter until you get

      "...In Run if you call a station and they don't respond, you just hit F5
      then F2..."
      - or, just hit the "+/=" key, which always repeats the last message sent

      Remember, if you sometimes get confused when using ESM, hitting individual
      message keys to send what you want ALWAYS works. So does Alt-Enter to log
      the QSO without sending anything. And, logging the QSO resets ESM for the
      next one.

      73, Ted W4NZ

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      Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 7:18 AM
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      Subject: Re: [N1MM] Lost in ESM-Land

      Hi Art 2,

      It's not that tough. In a CW contest you either enter data and hit
      enter or just hit enter. If you leave N1MM Logger in big gun mode the
      only exceptions are repeats. For example in S&P if you don't get
      through on the first call you just hit F4 until you do. In Run if you
      call a station and they don't respond, you just hit F5 then F2. About
      the only other exception is to repeat your report which you can do by
      hitting F2 or use specific report repeat keys. RTTY contests are even
      easier because you don't have to enter the callsign, just hit insert
      or use the {GRAB} command.

      BTW A good way to practice ESM for CW is use VE3NEA's Morse Runner
      program. http://www.dxatlas.com/MorseRunner/

      73, Art 3

      73 Art W2NRA
      "Keep to the Code!"

      On Jul 2, 2009, at 6:12 AM, Art Burke <aburkefl@...> wrote:

      > Sounds like I need to break out the dummy load and practice some
      > sequences! Many thanks.
      > A couple of times it was like flying a 747 with the autopilot on.
      > All was well until I accidentally shut off the autopilot!
      > Art - N4PJ
      > --- In N1MMLogger@yahoogroups.com, Pete Smith <n4zr@...> wrote:
      >> Yes, but even before that, in Run mode, once the program recognizes a
      >> correct exchange in the exchange section of the entry window, the
      >> highlight will switch to F3, telling you it is ready to send the TU
      >> message and log the QSO. You'll discover a different situation in
      >> S&P ESM - after you copy the other guy's exchange, the program logs
      >> the QSO and then sends him your exchange = if he asks for a repeat
      >> you can always hit the "=" key, or hit F2.
      >> 73, Pete N4ZR
      >>> Thanks Pete (tnx also to N6ML, who had some good tips).
      >>> In the panic of the moment, I didn't think about just going back to
      >>> the "standard" function keys to complete the contact.
      >>> Once I do that and the entry window is empty, I assume everything
      >>> involving ESM reverts to "normal?"
      >>> Art - N4PJ
      >>> --- In N1MMLogger@yahoogroups.com, Pete Smith <n4zr@> wrote:
      >>>> Hi Art - a couple of things. You should try to get used to
      >>>> noticing
      >>>> the highlighted button and use that as your cue. If you get out of
      >>>> sync, you can always go to the function keys themselves. If you
      >>>> don't want to send "AGN?" to ask the other guy to repeat his
      >>>> exchange, all you have to remember is F2 for your exchange, and
      >>>> F3 to
      >>>> send the TU message and log the QSO. If you find yourself
      >>>> needing to
      >>>> log what you got without sending CW, Alt+Enter does the trick and
      >>>> eliminates the scramble for the ESC key when the CW starts.
      >>>> 73, Pete N4ZR
      >>>> At 02:19 PM 6/30/2009, Art Burke wrote:
      >>>>> During Field Day I "spelled" the main CW op several times. He is
      >>>>> even more familiar with N1MM than I and he immediately went to ESM
      >>>>> when he started operating.
      >>>>> During my relief periods, I sometimes got confused (surely I can
      >>>>> blame that on N1MM?!) and did something like enter the call, then
      >>>>> get distracted, tap something out on the paddles, *then* go back
      >>>>> to
      >>>>> the ENTER key. Instead of sending what I anticipated (like the
      >>>>> class
      >>>>> and section), I noticed the F8 function key (AGN?) was highlighted
      >>>>> and that's what would be sent.
      >>>>> From that point, to complete the QSO, I ended up finishing the QSO
      >>>>> manually with the paddles, then press ENTER to log it, immediately
      >>>>> followed by the ESC key to stop whatever else tried to come out.
      >>>>> Bottom line - once one gets "out of sync" with ESM, what's the
      >>>>> most
      >>>>> effective, efficient way to get back in sync?
      >>>>> Kudos to N4KM, who would most likely have worked the entire 24
      >>>>> hours
      >>>>> had we let him. We did discover something he cannot do - operate
      >>>>> and
      >>>>> eat spaghetti at the same time! We were indeed fortunate to have a
      >>>>> world-class operator on the CW station and a world-class program
      >>> to work it.
      >>>>> Art - N4PJ
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