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56592Re: [N1MM] Crash ?? Trouble

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  • Tom Osborne
    Oct 1, 2008
      Hi Rex

      You can rename your N1MM.ini file, then restart the program. Sounds like it
      might be corrupt. 73
      Tom W7WHY

      > Well I done it and don't know how to fix this problem, I've been messing
      > around with call history/thucydidesy. program. I never did get to see
      > any files or anything but the program N1MM will now not start
      > The first thing that happens when I try to start is something about A
      > database upgrade is required. You should make a copy of your database and
      > then upgrade. Do you want to upgrade now?
      > Then a 2 button choice of OK or CANCEL.
      > I don't know which database to make a copy of or where it is.
      > If I click OK
      > The top of the window now says
      > Entry Window (ValidatingInLookup) -3078 - The Microsoft Jet database
      > engine cannot find the input table or ...
      > It ask would you like to send and error report. with
      > OK an CANCEL buttons
      > I click on Cancel and I get the same stuff as typed above.
      > After clicking Cancel 9 times I then get a Box with
      > N1MM Logger at the top
      > and and message
      > Run-time error '91';
      > Object variable or with block variable not set
      > and a button with OK
      > I click OK and the box goes away and nothing happens ??
      > What I have done, I did a computer restart (no effect) restored to and
      > earlier time ( no effect) reinstalled the 8.9.5 update as the program was
      > working with this over the weekend. I tried starting from within the
      > program and not from the Icon on the desktop. (no diff ) where is this
      > database or whatever ??
      > Rex
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