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50903Problem with 4U1WRC and 4O3 in CQWW

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  • DL9gwd
    Oct 31, 2007
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      Hello from DL9GWD !!

      I have following problems with N1MM in the CQWW 2007:

      4U1WRC is logged as CQ zone 14 is OK , but count not as 4U1I country
      in the multi list , and count 3 qso - points -- but it is EU for me
      only 1 point.

      4O3 stations will logged as serbia and montenegro and not as the new
      country 4O3 Montenegro.

      I installed before contesting the new country file. In the wl.cty
      file I can also read the call 4U1WRC in the list of calls for 4U1I. I
      also find the DXCC 4O3.

      In the MULTI List I can find 4O3 and 4U1I. But the contacts from
      4U1ITU and 4O3 will not give any credit there.
      With Edit and Quick Edit I cant cange the contry of 4U1WRC to 4U1I.
      In the log is country: " " - no multi point. In WPX fild stands 4U1I.

      The stations 4O3*** ist logged as YU. I canĀ“t change it to 4O3.

      Any solutions or hints for the problem ??

      MNI tnx from DL9GWD@...

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