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  • Found this in the MVDC February Meeting Minutes for Telecom City and thought it might be of interest to people here: http://telcomcity.com/news/minutes/feb05.htm Mayor McGlynn asked the members’ indulgence in taking the agenda out of order in order to accommodate the schedules of several guests at the meeting. Mayor McGlynn recognized Mr. Peter Hollands of the Malden...
    Robert Mela Apr 25, 2005
  • Check out the Feb. 24th entry: http://www.owczarek.com/blog.html
    Robert Mela Feb 25, 2005
  • Ugh. Orbital -- Minolta PS7000 and BookEye -- both run about $15k and can only handle about 17"x23" Wide-format sheet-feed scanners are similarly pricey. I'm starting to think hack -- a flatbed scanner & something like enblend ( http://enblend.sourceforge.net/ ) Jon Niehof wrote: >I used to work for a document management company. On-site work >was not the sort of thing that one...
    Robert Mela Feb 17, 2005
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  • I'm interested in scanning local libraries' historical maps of Medford and surrounding areas. Does anyone have experience with or heard about any really good document scanning services willing to do on-site work at a reasonable price? If not I'll just hit the yellow pages, but that feels kinda like a crap shoot. Or, what the heck -- does anyone have the right equipment I could...
    Robert Mela Feb 17, 2005
  • Looking at the Globe articles it appears that Romney wants parkway plowing turned over to the MHD but have sidewalk snow removal remain at DCR. I'm not sure how that solves the sidewalk problem. Further, if the DCR is responsible for sidewalks along the parkways, who's responsible for sidewalks along state highways (e.g., Rt 60 )? If the MHD is responsible, then how are they...
    Robert Mela Feb 9, 2005
  • I was wondering what was up with Assembly Square and happened across this link. I'm sure it's old hat to a lot of people here (March 2004), but I found it so encouraging that I thought I'd share it for anyone who hasn't seen it. http://www.ci.somerville.ma.us/departments/development/FinalPlanningHearingMarch18.pdf
    Robert Mela Dec 26, 2004
  • I'm looking at the map on http://pathfriends.org/. Really drives home just how nicely the Charlestown path ties into into MysticCrossing/B2C. If it happens we wind up with a nearly direct route from Medford, Malden and Everett to Cambridge (incl. Kendall) and downtown Boston. What a fantastic way to beat traffic. I bet it'd get a LOT of use.
    Robert Mela Nov 18, 2004
  • Mailed this AM. Any value in sending it to the DCR? -------- Michael Bowler Superintendent MBTA Bennett Garage 21 Arlington Avenue Charlestown, MA 02129 November 11^th , 2004 Dear Mr. Bowler: I live in East Medford, and I support the proposed pedestrian/cycling path through the MBTA Charlestown bus yard. Such paths are necessary if planned developments in the area are to be well...
    Robert Mela Nov 17, 2004
  • Carl Sciortino, of the 34th Middlesex District, is a likely friend of Bike to the Sea and Mystic Crossing. He uses a bicycle for transportation, and a lot of the people working on his campaign do as well. Among the sign holders and Medford Ward 5 Precinct 2 I noticed a a few cyclists besides myself, including two bike shop mechanics. Other folks working on his campaign are Medford...
    Robert Mela Nov 4, 2004
  • Oh... I see.... Assembly Square, not North Point. So Assembly Square is going mixed-use rather than Big Box after all? http://www.ci.somerville.ma.us/departments/development/FinalASMDZoning042204.pdf Robert Mela wrote: >The 5 mixed use developments -- are they > >1) North Point, Cambridge >2) Charlestown Navy Yard >3) Rivers Edge, tri-city >4) Mystic Place, Medford >5) Mystic Landing, Everett > > >
    Robert Mela Oct 31, 2004