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    Hello, Mystic River Watershed Association presents talks on stormwater controls and invasive plants as part of our Winter Speaker Series. Please help spread
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2004
      Mystic River Watershed Association presents talks on stormwater
      controls and invasive plants as part of our Winter Speaker Series.
      Please help spread the word about these two great talks. Please let
      me know if you have any questions. I hope to see you there!

      Steven Roy, GeoSyntec Consultants, will present "Low Impact
      Development Stormwater Controls," a
      talk on stormwater controls for homeowners. Tuesday, Jan 27th, 7pm.
      Keverian Room, Everett City Hall (484 Broadway). Mr. Roy will
      describe how homeowners can improve and protect water quality and
      reduce nonpoint source pollution through the use of LID techniques
      including rain barrels, raingardens, bioretention cells, soil
      amendments, no-phosphorus fertilizers for lawn care, pet waste
      controls, and groundwater recharge using permeable pavers and porous
      pavement. Where possible, homeowners can increase groundwater
      recharge and reduce nonpoint source pollution that is associated
      with stormwater runoff. Examples of current projects and designs will
      be presented. Don't miss it!

      Steven Roy is a water resources planner and scientist with GeoSyntec
      Consultants, Inc., Boxborough, MA. He has over 23 years of
      professional experience in the field of environmental program
      management specializing in water resources assessment, stormwater
      management, and environmental impact assessment.

      On Tuesday, February 3rd, we will feature Frances Clark, Carex
      Associates, with a presentation on the problem of invasive plant
      species in our watershed. Ms. Clark will present "Exotic Plant
      Invaders: Concerns and Controls." Ms. Clark will discuss the problem
      of invasive exotic plants in our back yards and communities. What do
      they look like, why are they a concern, and what can you do to help
      control these pervasive nuisances?
      This practical presentation will include slides and answers to your
      questions. Ms. Clark's talk will be held on Tuesday, February 3rd,
      at 7pm, at the Woburn Police Station (25 Harrison Ave, Woburn)

      Frances Clark conducted a study of Arlington Great Meadows and
      published her results in: "Natural Resources Inventory and
      Stewardship Plan of Arlington Great Meadows, in Lexington,
      Massachusetts," in July 2001.

      Join us for these exciting presentations. This Winter Speaker Series
      is sponsored by the Mystic River Watershed Association. All talks
      are free and open to the public. (Voluntary donations are welcome.)
      For a complete listing of our 2003-2004 Winter Speaker Series, please
      contact 781-316-3438 or janet@... or visit our website:

      My apologies for any cross-postings.
      Thanks so much!

      Janet Kovner
      Mystic River Watershed Association
      (781) 316-3438
      fax: 781-641-2103

      (This is a mailing of the Mystic River Watershed Association. Please
      let me know by return mail if you have any comments or suggestions,
      or wish to be removed from this list.)
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