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  • DavidD/JaneS
    Patrick-- You bring up an interesting MA state program and a very interesting way of thinking about the Amelia Earheart Dam area. Below I copied some
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2003

      You bring up an interesting MA state program and a very interesting way
      of thinking about the Amelia Earheart Dam area. Below I copied some
      information from the grant section (unfortunately the state isn't doing
      grants anymore):


      The Coastal Access Grants Program
      Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
      Department of Environmental Management

      The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is not
      currently awarding grants due to fiscal restrictions. For reference,
      however, its Coastal Access Program is intended to support local and
      regional projects that improve and enhance the general public's
      recreational access to the coast. "Coastal Access" essentially means
      people's ability to reach the shore - primarily physical access, but
      also visual access (the ability to see coastal vistas), as well as
      psychological access (knowledge and enjoyment of places where access
      does exist). The DEM Coastal Access Grants Program is focused primarily
      on non-mechanized access for the general public, as opposed to only
      local residents or deeded private access. For the purposes of the
      program, the "coast" includes the sandy beaches, rocky headlands, tidal
      flats, barrier beaches, and bluffs in direct contact with the open sea,
      major bays, sounds, and harbors. Projects targeting saltwater estuaries,
      salt marshes, and salt ponds will also be considered on a secondary
      basis. In addition, the program generally focuses on public access to
      and along the coastline rather than boat access to the water.

      Priority is given to projects aimed at establishing new public coastal
      access opportunities. Secondary priority is given to projects a)
      developing plans for design and management of public coastal properties,
      b) reclaiming historically public ways to the sea, and c) enhancing or
      restoring existing access points and facilities. Tertiary priority is
      given to projects developing coastal access interpretive and educational
      initiatives. The primary evaluation question is whether, and how much, a
      grant-funded project will provide a direct benefit to a significant
      portion of the public.


      I have been part of the Mystic View Task Force for the past few years
      and have thought a lot about the Assembly Square area of Somerville. I
      had thought about it having a river frontage, but what it really has
      both a river frontage and a sea coast because of the dam. The dam makes
      this area a very unique area of both Somerville and Everett.

      There is another section on the website about land acquisition planning.
      Everett and Somerville probably don't fit into the criteria which
      doesn't seem fair because of the two cities' population densities.

      Jane (Sauer)

      Patrick wrote:

      >Does anyone know if the Coastal Access Program would be applicable to
      >the Crossing or B2C?
      > http://www.state.ma.us/dem/programs/coastal/coastal.htm
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