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FW: Route 99 leading to Somerville Square

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  • Stephen Winslow
    ... From: Stephen Winslow Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 21:33:49 -0400 To: Eric Weis , Howard Stranger
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2009
    FW: Route 99 leading to Somerville Square
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    From: Stephen Winslow <swinslow.brownandgreen@...>
    Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 21:33:49 -0400
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    Subject: FW: Route 99 leading to Somerville Square

    Hi all..

    Here’s a memo where I have analyzed a few alternatives.. I suggest B2C endorse the alternative for bike lanes and a path..

    I am sending this along to MassHighway for consideration as an alternative to their proposal.

    Stephen Winslow
    Bike to the Sea

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    From: "Stephen Winslow" <SWinslow@...>
    Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 16:36:16 -0400
    To: "Somerville Bike Com List (E-mail)" <Sbc@...>
    Subject: Route 99 leading to Somerville Square

    Next Tuesday MassHighway will be holding a meeting on "improvements" to Route 99 between Everett and Boston.. This is a critical road but has poor bicycle accomodations now.. Unfortunately, I think that a well intended effort to provide "bike accomodations" actually makes this corridor worse.. The proposal is for only a 4-foot bicycle lane..

    I've attached a memo with several alternatives that are much better.. I would like this considered at the July 21st bicycle committee meeting.. I also suggest that each member spread the word within their network of contacts and seek a endorsement of the alternatives.

    Stephen Winslow
    Senior Planner
    City of Somerville
    93 Highland Avenue
    Somerville MA 02143
    617-625-6600 x2519

    <<Route 99.doc>>  <<Route 99.pdf>>

    For the MHD handout see: http://www.mhd.state.ma.us/downloads/hearings/ho_everett071409.pdf



    A Design Public Hearing will be held by MassHighway to discuss the proposed reconstruction and signal improvements in Everett and Boston, MA.

    WHERE: City of Everett

    City Hall, Keverian Room, 3rd Floor

    484 Broadway

    Everett, MA 02149

    WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 @ 7:00 PM

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this hearing is to provide the public with the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the proposed Reconstruction and Signal Improvements on Route 99. All views and comments made at the hearing will be reviewed and considered to the maximum extent possible.

    PROPOSAL: This project consists of reconstruction and signal improvements on route 99 (Broadway), from Sweetser Circle to Alford Street Bridge. These improvements include: pavement overlays, minor drainage improvements, sidewalk and ramp accessibility improvements, signal improvements, a 4 foot shoulder in the south-bound direction,

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