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Mystic Crossing Yahoo Group Revamp

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  • swinslow4152
    The Mystic Crossing Yahoo group has been relatively dormant for the past several years. DCR s feasibility study indicating that the cost of a crossing could
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2009
      The Mystic Crossing Yahoo group has been relatively dormant for the past several years. DCR's feasibility study indicating that the cost of a crossing could push upwards of $6 million makes this a more daunting task than originally anticipated. This means a more extensive coalition must be developed to secure greater resources.

      The 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation being developed by Rails to Trails offers the opportunity to bring $50 million into the Mystic Valley for pedestrian and bicycle projects. RTC sponsored a very successful Town Hall in March 2009 that indicates there is significant interest in forming a coalition to work on broader plans for the Mystic Valley and Boston. To lay the foundation necessary to secure the fund for the crossing, I am taking the initiative to re-focus the Mystic Crossing Yahoo group to focus on the broader Mystic Valley Active and Safe Transportation Network.

      To Learn more about this campaign see.


      I have re-written the mission of the Yahoo Group. If you think this group is no longer of interest, please e-mail and I will remove you from the list.

      Steve Winslow


      The Mystic Valley Active and Safe Transportation Network's core mission is to increase the vitality of the Lower Mystic Basin thru construction of continuous and accessible pedestrian and bicycle connections along the Lower Mystic especially across the Mystic near the Amelia Earhart Dam. We intend to assure consistency of actions with planning for the lower Mystic Basin and the goal of increasing access to, across and along the river.

      Realizing that the crossing and other connections are, first and foremost, Department of Conservation and Recreation projects, we will focus on advocacy through coordinating supporters and acting as a vehicle for communication to interest new potential supporters.

      Group members will receive information about how to support Rails to Trails Conservancy's 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation that seeks to secure $50 million in funding for 40 communities to promote active transportation alternatives involving walking and bicycling.

      Our mission includes keeping the larger basin wide issues in mind such as future Crossings at Route 28 (Wellington Undercarriage), Rt 99 (Rutherford Avenue /Sullivan Square Improvements) and Route 16 (Wellington Undercarriage); Safe Routes to Transit including support of the Somerville Community Path connections to the Green Line, the connection of the Northern Strand Community Trail to the Orange Line and Urban Ring and improved pedestrian and bicycle connections at existing stations.

      We encourage connections to Boston and Cambridge through an Urban River Ring involving the Mystic, Alewife Brook and the Charles River and general support of Boston's plan for safe on-road and off-road trails.

      The group also generally supports the efforts to implement the Mystic River Action plan including protections for fish migration, flood control, improved recreational boating and many others.
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