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  • EPD Marine
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2005

      Hi All,

      Here is the link for the Army Corp public notice for comments on the Island End River Release Abatement Measure. http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/reg/Island%20EndRiver%20PublicNotice.pdf  The EPA is trying to get the compensatory mitigation for loss of habitat to be in Rumney Marsh in Saugus. This is unacceptable. Both the cities of Everett and Chelsea want the mitigation to happen on or for the Island End River. Towards that end we have drafted a "form" comment letter (attached) that we are asking all of you to send to the Army Corp (The contact information is on the form letter).

      The mitigation we propose is to repair/replace all of the sewer and drain lines that were installed in a substandard manner by the former Eastern Gas & Fuel Associates. These lines are corrugated steel pipes that are failing and providing a means for contaminants from the uplands to migrate to the river. Raw sewage has overflowed into the street and into the catch basins because of failing lines. These lines were never accepted by either city because of improper installation.

      Please take the time to place this form comment letter on your agency/organization or personal letterhead, personalize it and send it off to the Army Corp. The comment deadline is this Thursday the 15th of September 2005.

      I will be sending out a letter for the Chapter 91 comments due Monday the 19th of September.

      Also note that the Everett Conservation Commission will be holding Public Hearing on this Release Abatement Measure this Thursday at 7pm at Everett City Hall, 3rdFloor, Keverian Room.

      Please forgive duplicate postings

      Thank You.

      Officer Patrick Johnston
      Everett Police-Marine Unit

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