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Bike to the Sea report at Feb. MVDC meeting

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  • Robert Mela
    Found this in the MVDC February Meeting Minutes for Telecom City and thought it might be of interest to people here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2005
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      Found this in the MVDC February Meeting Minutes for Telecom City and
      thought it might be of interest to people here:


      Mayor McGlynn asked the members’ indulgence in taking the agenda out of
      order in order to accommodate the schedules of several guests at the
      meeting. Mayor McGlynn recognized Mr. Peter Hollands of the Malden
      Redevelopment Authority (“MRA”), Project Manager for the MVDC, who
      introduced Mr. Stephen Winslow representing the Bike to the Sea Trail,
      Inc. for an update on the status of the development of the trail.

      Mr. Winslow reported that the Romney administration’s support for the
      conversion of surplus rail lines to multi-use paths for pedestrians and
      bicyclists had prompted the Mass Bay Transit Authority (“MBTA”) to
      accelerate its negotiations with cities along the former Saugus Branch,
      which the MBTA owns, to license the Branch for conversion to the Bike to
      the Sea Trail from Everett to Lynn. Mr. Winslow stated that the parties
      had agreed to focus on a 2 mile stretch of the trail in Everett and
      Malden partly abutting the River’s Edge project as the first, “pilot”
      activity. He stated that the license/lease agreement between the MBTA
      and Everett and Malden was almost finalized and that most of the
      financing for both the final design and the construction was in place.
      Mr. Winslow noted that before the MVDC meeting, Mr. John J. Preotle,
      Jr., Master Developer of the River’s Edge project, had pledged to
      disburse an already-committed $17,500 grant to finalize elements of the
      ownership and permitting of the trail.

      In response to a question from Mr. Christenson, Mr. Winslow stated that
      he thought the trail segment might be fully operational within 2-3 years.

      Mr. Winslow introduced Dr. Howard Stranger, president of Bike to the
      Sea, Inc., who made the case for the health and economic benefits of the

      Mr. Winslow introduced Mr. Mark Puleo, who is the part-time Executive
      Director of Bike to the Sea, Inc. Mr. Puleo mentioned that the
      organization was considering holding a legislative breakfast, hosted by
      State Senator Jarrett Barrios in April.

      Mayor McGlynn thanked the guests for their report and asked the members
      for a motion to accept the report.

      After due discussion and upon motion by Mr. Christenson and seconded by
      Ms Burke, it was unanimously

      VOTED: To accept the report related to Bike to the Sea.
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