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A Reason for a Day in Massachusetts Politics?

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    Hi All, Sorry to other you all again but I posed a question in my earlier email about the real reason why Kathy Abbott was fired today and would like to pose a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2005
      Hi All,
      Sorry to other you all again but I posed a question in my earlier email about the real reason why Kathy Abbott was fired today and would like to pose a hypothesis...
      You see, in the early news reports Ms. Abbott was shown on local TV saying "I take personal responsibility and apologize to the students and parents" . There was something about this that bothered me. Why would Kathy Abbott go to this scene in the first place? There were no deaths...by the time the news got to her the nature of the injuries was probably known. She has many numerous deputies and supervisors that could have gone to the scene and ensured that the problem was taken care of and the press given a pound of flesh. I didn't think much about it, just chalked it up to Kathy Abbott being being personally concerned and wanting to make things right.
      But then on the late news I saw a different quote from Kathy given at the same time as the earlier reported quote. In this clip she stated "The Department of Conservation and Recreation is responsible for failing to clear the snow off the sidewalks". Now she could have been asked a direct question that required such an explicit answer but I have another thought...
      Scuttlebutt has it that Kathy has been having disagreements with the money people in the state. Even Romney admitted that he has had conversations with Kathy about clearing the snow over the last month. I wonder if Kathy has been asking for more money to purchase the equipment needed for her department to do it's job and been rebuffed by the Governor? Her appearing at the scene today was an attempt to call Romney to task for failing to meet HIS responsibility to ensure the public safety by furnishing the funds necessary for DCR to do it's job? She may well have decided to sacrifice herself by appearing before the cameras claiming responsibility. The question would most certainly have come up as to why DCR didn't plow that sidewalk and may still.
      This certainly would explain her presence at this relatively minor incident (Although I, by know means, am trying to minimize the tragedy to the students and their parents) .
      If this hypothesis is even close to the truth we should not let this matter die quietly. We should demand to know "why" the DCR did not plow that sidewalk. We should ask our representatives in the state legislature to conduct an inquiry into the failure.
      Any thoughts on this hypothesis?
      Also, I've received a few emails from people who have shared with me the comments they have sent to the Governor. If you do send a comment (and I hope you will) please send me a copy...I'll compile them and send them to a Globe reporter who is doing a story on this matter
      Patrick Johnston
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