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EPA/DOJ Enforcement Cases Bring Clean Air Benefits to Boston

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    From EPA newsletter: http://www.epa.gov/ne/ej/ejnews/EJNews200412.pdf EPA/DOJ Enforcement Cases Bring Clean Air Benefits to Boston The EPA, the U.S. Department
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2004

      From EPA newsletter: http://www.epa.gov/ne/ej/ejnews/EJNews200412.pdf



      EPA/DOJ Enforcement Cases Bring Clean Air Benefits to Boston

      The EPA, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced $7.4 in enforcement settlements this year that will result in significant air and water quality improvements in the greater Boston area. In Januar y, a $6 million enforcement settlement was reached with a local power plant that will reduce pollution from school buses and commuter trains, restore a salt marsh and construct a commuter bike path. In March, a $1.4 million enforcement settlement was reached with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) that will reduce idling of MBTA buses, reduce pollution from the commuter rail trains and provide land for a bike path.

      In a settlement stemming from air quality violations over a five-year period at the Mystic Station power plant in Everett, plant owner Exelon Mystic LLC agreed to pay a $1 million civil penalty and fund more than $5 million of environmental projects in the Boston area, including providing:

      • •$3.25 million to retrofit 500 Bostonschool buses with pollution control equipment and supply them with ultra-low polluting diesel fuel. The project will benefit more than 28,000 school children who ride the buses every day by reducing tailpipe emissions from the buses by more than 90 percent, or more than 30 tons a year. Upon completion in 2005, Boston will be the first major city in the country to have retrofitted its entire school bus fleet.
      • •$1.25 million for pollution control improvements to virtually all of the

      commuter trains operating out of Boston North Station rail terminal.

      • •$250,000 to build a commuter bikepath over the Amelia Earhart Dam on the Mystic River. The new bike path over the dam will connect existing bike paths in Everett and Somerville, Mass.
      • •$250,000 to restore one acre of anurban salt marsh on along Mill Creek in Chelsea, Mass.
        1. •$118,600 to conduct an environmental feasibility study to identify possible restoration activities along the Malden River.
        2. In another settlement stemming from numerous air and water vio-lations, including excessive idling of dozens of diesel buses in 2002, unpermitted discharges into the Mystic and other Boston-area rivers and failure to develop oil spill control plans at multiple Boston-area facil-ities, the MBTA agreed to pay a fine of $328,274 and undertake the following two projects:
      • •A project valued at $1 million to operate33 commuter trains at Boston South Station on lower-polluting low sulfur diesel fuel for at least three years. The cleaner fuel will eliminate about 32 tons of particulate pollution and 429 tons of sulfur dioxide from the Boston area over 3 years.
      • •Donating an easement on one acrestrip of land so an existing Mystic River bike path can be extended to reach the Sullivan Square subway station from Draw 7 Park in Sommerville, Mass.

      In addition, the settlement requires MBTA to prevent future environmental violations by implementing an formal Environmental Management System for all of its operations and meet the five-minute idling limit for all of its 995 buses immediately except on very cold days. By December 2006, MBTA will meet the limit on very cold days as well. Excessive idling is a major health concern because diesel exhaust is a probable carcinogen that can trigger asthma and respiratory illness.

      Several MBTA bus yards are concentrated in neighborhoods of Boston with significant asthma problems, including Roxbury, which has an asthma

      [ hospitalization rate 178 percent above the state average.




      Officer Patrick Johnston
      Everett Police Marine Division
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