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Re: [MysticCrossing] Design Principals Memorandum

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  • dko posts
    Thanks for your efforts toward opening our recreation personal travel horizons. PLEASE do not let grand visions, or fear of liability, cripple a good idea. We
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 21, 2004
      Thanks for your efforts toward opening our recreation
      personal travel horizons.

      PLEASE do not let grand visions, or fear of liability,
      cripple a good idea. We don't need stairs to reach a
      bridge, or expensive ramps to bypass the stairs. We
      don't need 100% up-time, if waiting to watch an
      occassional boat pass is the alternative. In my view,
      we certainly don't need a new self-suporting

      We need reasonable safety for unattended children, but
      not more than reasonable. The Charles Dam Locks are
      shockingly delapidated from their original design, yet
      they are in daily pedestrian use, including by me and
      my preschool grandchildren, who learn personal
      responsibility and caution. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THEM
      DURING REPAIR! Much safer than dancing thru downtown.
      construction. When I think of where WE climbed as
      children, it is nothing.

      The 'coal barge' canal between the Red Line bridge
      over the Charles and the power plant, has effectively
      NO railing, from the viewpoint of a small child, and
      no control tower to see the need for rescue, and
      dispatch same.

      (My viewpoint is from getting a second-story fire
      escape design approved in rural Vermont; it served 3
      rooms, 2 beds, 10 students. It was built so an infant
      could not tumble thru the railing.)

      Surely at Earhart, a simple lock-gate-top walkway with
      nominal railings can be shop-fabricated this year, and
      placed - dropped on by helicopter (as we built ski
      lifts) or barge-mounted crane. If this was WWII, I
      imagine it could be done in perhaps 10 weeks.

      Please don't let it be delayed like the Minuteman Bike
      Path bridge, by Alewife T Station. A dangerous narrow
      sidewalk and bridge crossing, tight to a busy one-lane
      commuter ramp: heavy pedestrian and bike traffic.

      An new bike bridge and path was built to separate
      bikes and pedestrians. The bridge was functionally
      FINISHED but barred from use for an entire winter,
      pending [ to my eye ] completion of decorative

      I am willing to be wrong on this characterization. but
      my temper rose every time I didn't use that new

      ----- o -----

      If possible, please let the rest of us participate and
      offer input, by posting ACCESSABLE information.

      I cannot see .PDF or .DOC either at home or at
      Minuteman Library Network public terminals.

      In any case, I no longer open ANY attachments since my
      daughter's, friends and membership organizations HAVE
      been hijacked by malware and viruses. I do not have
      any way or resources for recovery if my private
      computer is compromised.

      NO attatchments. (Unless someone has told me im person
      that they really sent it.)

      ----- o -----

      A simplified summary , or better a www.(something).com
      posting, plus a notice of which public libraries the
      full DOC is available at, would assure a transparent
      PUBLIC process.

      Comment needed by when?

      Thank you.

      Dan O'Connell, Arlingtron, MA
      roaming Boston by bicycle
      dkoposts (at) yahoo.com
      OK to foward my portion. Please protect email
      addresses from harvest.

      --- Patrick <EPD.Marine@...> wrote:

      > Hi All,
      > As you may know, there is a difference of opinion on
      > what the next
      > steps should be in construction of a Mystic Crossing
      > at the Earhart
      > Dam.
      > The DCR has some concerns that they feel can best be
      > made through a
      > bridge design as opposed to a walkway design. The
      > communities are
      > concerned that a bridge design would eat up all the
      > SEP money in
      > design and permitting costs.
      > In an effort to resolve this issue Steve Winslow and
      > I colloborated
      > on the creation of a Design Principals Memorandum.
      > It has been
      > uploaded to the files section of the Mystic Crossig
      > Yahoo Group. The
      > link to the file is:
      > 20Principals%20Final.doc
      > It is a large file ad may take a minute to download
      > even witha high
      > speed connection.
      > Please review and comment. We would appreciate any
      > and all comments
      > before we formally submit to DCR.
      > Thank You.
      > Officer Patrick Johnston
      > Everett Police Marine
      > 617-905-3747

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