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RE: [MysticCrossing] Globe's coverage

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    Bhupesh, Please re-read my email..never said 3 sisters hurts Mystic Crossing, did say introducing an additional concept might be confusing. Did say failure to
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 16, 2004
      Bhupesh, Please re-read my email..never said 3 sisters hurts Mystic Crossing, did say introducing an additional concept might be confusing. Did say failure to "religiously" push the 3 sisters concept is not indicative of non-support of the concept. Tried to say "lighten up, you're preaching to the choir!"
      Officer Patrick Johnston
      Everett Police Marine Division
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      From: Bhupesh Patel [mailto:bhupes@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 1:42 AM
      To: MysticCrossing@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [MysticCrossing] Globe's coverage

      I still do not see how attaching this one link with abutting links(3 sisters) and the DCR masterplan hurts your cause.  Rather it helps galvanize its importance as a first and crucial important step. 
      Furthermore the regional momentum is exactly from such potential.  This is why I bothered to explain what each of these links mean beyond the water's edge.
      And if you do not want to embrace a mini masterplan that other regional players such as walkboston and massbike have than maybe you can explain the "other next step" being the extensive masterplan for Mystic river in one succinct statement. 
      Because if you take note of what has happened on the Charles - the river has been defined in three distinct area and each area has a subsection of two or three bridges and pathways.  these subsections (similar scale to the three sisters) allows Dan Driscoll to get his hands around a scope that is palettable for the constituents that approve design drawings, the designers who respond to the RFP and the Transportation enhancement program which provides construction funds.
      This, again is boiler plate stuff.  And it is boiler plate for the obvious reasons such as galvanizing support, the simple lagistics of digesting the issues, and the provision of ensuring each link is contextually designed.
      Sorry but as a urban planner, architect, and transportation chunky, I have to harp the bigger picture if we expect these individual links to be truly successful for the better off, well represented players and the poor and not so well represented players.
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      From: EPDMARINE
      Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2004 9:16 AM
      To: MysticCrossing@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [MysticCrossing] Globe's coverage
      I must say that I admire your continued advocacy for the Three Sisters. Your almost single minded dedication to the concept of the Three Sisters is certainly inspirational to me as a reminder to continue to push the goals of public access to as many people as possible.
      However, I don't share the concern you have about a void. I think that the individuals in this group support the "Master Plan" and yet have different, almost parochial "first steps". The fact that despite our differing viewpoints on getting to the Master Plan, we can come together and support one crucial link at a time is a wondrous thing. And while we support these crucial links as a group we have not forgotten our own individual goals. In the short time I've been involved with advocating for public access I've seen a lot happen at many different levels. What I once thought as a long peril filled voyage is proving to be easier than I imagined. (Though no sunny summer Sunday on the Basin, either)
      The fact that we support the Dam Crossing as a group has focused attention on the Mystic that we couldn't get as individuals and that helps our "parochial" goals. I know that I will be able to leverage this attention for work in Everett, Tuck is doing the same in Somerville and the watershed association throughout the basin.
      My personal opinion is that the Three Sisters Concept is/was a wonderful tool to attract attention to the Mystic Basin. The Dam Crossing has now drawn that attention and the MBTA extension focuses it even more. Dan Driscoll and Julia O'Brien at DCR will be able to use this critical mass and pull the pieces together. We do need to keep the big picture of the Master Plan in front of our communities while we continue to address specific projects. The dam crossing is getting well known, the Master Plan is known and I think introducing the Three Sisters "religiously" as a mini master plan might serve to confuse rather than enlighten.
      I'm not suggesting that you stop advocating for the Three Sisters (I know you won't) but I do want you to know that failure to mention this intermediate step does not mean we don't support it.
      Officer Patrick Johnston
      Everett Police Marine Division
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      From: Bhupesh Patel [mailto:bhupes@...]
      Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 2:16 PM
      To: MysticCrossing@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: Bryce Nesbitt; Bryce Nesbitt; SBC; Anthony Flint; Daniel Driscoll; Janet Kovner; Tim Baldwin; Wig Zamore
      Subject: Re: [MysticCrossing] Globe's coverage

      It was nice to see Anthony's article.  The momentum, money, and members are really growing!!!
      However, I wish the term the "three sisters" had been reiterated in Anthony's article so that it would be attached with the "mini-masterplan" of the three bridges and the connectivity across and between the bridges.  I know that we have a masterplan for the entire Mystic River Waterbasin underway.  But there is a "void" in scale between the "Mystic River Masterplan" and "just the dam crossing" or "just the vital link".  The "three sister bridges" is a mini masterplan that fills this void and has already caught on with many of the players such as in the WalkBoston newsletter.  This is why I have pushed the coining of the "three sisters" at our original meeting.
      Furthermore, as I presented at the last Mystic Crossing meeting with the aid of a urban planning diagram, the three bridges provide crucial and minimal crossings for very specific and distinct regions.   And with all the excitement and momentum concerning the Earhart dam I do worry that unless it is "religiously" attached to the "three sisters" that the momentum, money, and members will just fizzle out after the first phase of the Dam is underway. 
      Bhupesh Patel
      Architect and Urban Planner
      Somerville Bike Committee
      Friends of the Community Path
      Assembly Square Design Review Committee
      Route 28 Steering Committee
      STEP member
      PS I have listed my affiliation to encourage people to write me back with any suggestions or recommendations concerning any and all of the above.
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      From: smith.catherine@...
      Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 9:50 AM
      To: MysticCrossing@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [MysticCrossing] Globe's coverage

      Just so you know, the Regional Administrator recognized Mass Bike in his
      remarks at the press conference, and the fact sheet that we handed out
      at the conference (to accompany the press release) also discussed Mass
      Bike's role.

                            Bryce Nesbitt                                                                      
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                            y.com>                   cc:                                                       
                                                     Subject: [MysticCrossing] Globe's coverage                
                            03/11/2004 11:37                                                                   
                            Please respond                                                                     


      "They were a chronic violator," said Robert W. Varney, New England
      regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency,
      referring to the T. But, he said, the T has "really seen this was a
      problem, and they have taken the issue to heart."


      "The donation of the strip of MBTA-owned property along the Mystic
      River will complete a vital link in a commuter bike path between Draw
      7 park in Somerville and Sullivan Station, said Bryce Nesbitt, a
      member of the Somerville Community Path organization. A path through
      the MBTA yard also will connect with future parkland development at
      Assembly Square, he said"

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