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MYSTIC TALKS and a Mystic Lakes walk

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  • Janet Kovner
    this is a bit off topic- but fyi - (and my apologies for the cross postings - but I thought that you all may be interested) - TWO UPCOMING TALKS and a WALK
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2004
      this is a bit off topic- but fyi -
      (and my apologies for the cross postings - but I thought that you all may be
      interested) -

      TWO UPCOMING TALKS and a WALK along the Mystic Lakes to celebrate the first
      day of spring

      Monday, February 16th, 7pm, Anderson Hall, Tufts University. RICHARD DUFFY,
      regional historian, presents "Historical Views of the Mystic River and
      Come join guest speaker Richard Duffy on a trip into the past of the Mystic
      River Watershed. With his highly visual presentation Duffy, an expert local
      historian, will show us how industry shaped this urban watershed to become
      what it is today. Event sponsors include the Mystic River Watershed
      Association, Tufts University Crew Team, Tufts University Sailing Team,
      University College of Citizenship and Public Service, and the Mystic
      Watershed Collaborative. For information: Kate Drexler, Massachusetts Water
      Watch, kate@... (617) 627-2973
      Don't miss this opportunity to hear RICHARD DUFFY, regional historian.

      Wednesday, Feb 25th, 7pm. Winchester Public Library (80 Washington St)
      David Senn will present "The Mystic Lakes - Studying Environmental Processes
      and Aquatic Pollutants in a Natural Laboratory." Upper and Lower Mystic
      Lake are the receiving waters for the Aberjona River Watershed and are among
      the most well-studied lakes in the US for aquatic pollutants. For more than
      a decade, researchers have studied the Mystic Lakes' water and sediments to
      understand the extent and sources of historical and present-day pollution,
      and gain insights into how aquatic contaminants undergo transformations and
      move. This presentation will give an overview of the history of pollution
      and water quality in the lakes and what has been learned through a decade's
      worth of research there. David Senn is a Research Associate and Lecturer in
      the Department of Environmental Health at the Harvard School of Public

      Sat, March 20th, 9-11am. Over the River & Through the Woods: Exploring the
      Mystic River Watershed.
      Meet other watershed advocates as we look for early signs of spring along
      the Mystic Lakes. Help us find any early spring migrants that may have flown
      in, or any winter birds that are hanging around. Meet at the Mystic Lakes
      Dam parking lot, off of Mystic Valley Parkway, West Medford. Wear warm
      clothes, and boots appropriate to muddy surfaces. For information or
      directions, please call Janet @ 781-316-3438 or janet@...
      Co-sponsored by the Menotomy Bird Club and the Mystic River Watershed

      Janet Kovner
      Mystic River Watershed Association
      fax: 781-641-2103
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