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Re: [MysticCrossing] Open Meeting - DCR Commissioner Abott on Path/River Issues

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  • Bhupesh Patel
    Notice to all Somerville interested parties, This is the same night as the MPO certification public comment meeting at 6:30 pm at the Transportation Building,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2004

      Notice to all Somerville interested parties,

      This is the same night as the MPO certification public comment meeting at 6:30 pm at the Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza, Boston.  Obviously this is the chance for Somerville residents to voice there reasons why the Somerville Transportation projects should be prioritized over other projects.  This includes things like the Green line extension.

      We did a great job of getting the attention of the state and the voting members of the MPO certification with our 400 plus comment letters last winter so this is a chance to show our phases and deliver what could be a very impressionable "one-two punch".
      PS see www.somervillestep.com for reference material pertaining to MPO Certification meeting
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      From: Bryce Nesbitt
      Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 1:01 PM
      To: MysticCrossing@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [MysticCrossing] Open Meeting - DCR Commissioner Abott on Path/River Issues
      There is a special joint meeting of the Cambridge Bicycle and
      Pedestrian Committees, with featured guest Kathy Abbott, the
      commissioner of the DCR Department of Urban Parks & Recreation.

      I won't be able to attend (the 8 hour flight is a bit much).  But
      Mystic Crossing devottees should consider it.  Listening in could
      provide great clues on how to work with Ms. Abbott on the dam crossing.

      7pm on Feb 11th, Cambridge Senior Center 806 Massachusetts Ave.

      1. (5 min) Intro:  We would like to explore ways to work together to
      make the DCR bicycle and pedestrian facilities as good as they can be.

      2. (15 min) Questions for Commissioner Abbott:
         a. Could you give us your perspective on how bicycle and pedestrian
            facilities fit into the DCR's mission (including the status of
            the ped/bike improvements that are part of Mem Drive Phase II)?
         b. Are there improvements to DCR bicycle and pedestrian facilities
            that you would like to make, and if so, how can we help you
            make these improvements?

      3. (10 min) Organizational suggestions:
         a. DCR Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee
         b. DCR Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator

      4. (15 min) Specific concerns:
         a. CA/T project:  What should we do to make sure that promised
            mitigation measures are implemented w.r.t. North Point bridge
         b. Connectivity between Charles Dudley White Bike Path, North Point
            the Community Path and the Minuteman Bikeway systems.
         c. We suggest center-striping all paths with directional arrows and/or
            "keep right" signs, to easily and cheaply improve safety & minimize
            conflicts between path users.
         d. Intersections:
            We encourage concurrent walk signals when appropriate.
            We are concerned about the safety of unmarked delayed green/red
            We suggest countdown pedestrian signals, and striped crosswalks.
            The safest approach is to consider actual (not ideal) behaviors.
            (We, or bike/ped advisory committee, can help with this).
         e. Hazards & maintenance:
            Snow clearing of pathways.
            Narrow points in pathways, with steep dropoffs and decaying
            pavement (between Eliot & Harvard bridges.
            General maintenance of pathways - clearing vegetation, debris, etc.
            Problems with current "Community Relations" reporting mechanism
            (no followup, no tracking, no accountability).

      5. (15 min) Other questions/comments from the Committee members

      The goal is to encourage Commissioner Abbott to want to come back and
      talk to [the Cambridge Bicycle Committee] and solicit our input.  So I
      want to be careful about hitting her too hard with criticisms, which
      might have the opposite effect.

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