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52Web Site, Petition & More

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  • epdmarine@aol.com
    Dec 16, 2003
      Hi All,

      Some special announcements:

      1.Mystic Crossing now has a web site:

      Please review and comment. Suggestions welcome. Pictures and text
      are free for your use. Please forward this site to all.

      2. Blank petition form uploaded to group site.

      Citizens groups please download and place in public areas for

      3. I am trying to consolidate all letters of support and would
      appreciate everyone creating/sending a letter of support from your
      organization to Kathy Abbott via me for the Group. A form letter has
      also been posted in the files section for you to download and use.
      Feel free to change everything.

      Public Officials: Please write a support letter realizing that we may
      pull snippets for press releases. If you do not want us to do that,
      please advise.

      Please send these letters to me as soon as possible and no later that
      Jan 15, 2004 if possible.

      Email to: MysticCrossing-owner@yahoogroups.com
      snailmail to: Patrick Johnston
      32 Gladstone Street
      Everett,Ma 02149

      4. Also looking to get excerpts from any reports, studies, etc that
      recommend the crossing. These excerpts would be be included in the
      package that would be sent out with the support letters.


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