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5Proposed agenda for next meeting

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  • bryce_nesbitt
    Nov 23, 2003
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      Proposed agenda for our next meeting:
      1) Introductions & Krispy Kreme doughnuts (we have to have
      doughnuts, since a police officer will be present).
      2) Brief slideshow.
      3) Review cost estimates.
      4) Review list of current supporters.
      5) List potential new supporters (volunteers to
      make contacts are needed).
      6) How do we administer reception of support letters,
      and communication with supporters?
      7) Discuss potential opponents or barriers.
      8) Review agencies that potentially may demand a permit:
      * DEP Waterways Chapter 91
      * Somerville Conservation Commission
      * Everett Conservation Commission
      * Army Corps of Engineers
      * Coast Guard 253 permit
      And discuss our permitting strategy. We may call this
      a walkway "upgrade" or perhaps that we are making
      an existing route "ADA compatible" or simply adding
      "safety railings".
      9) List necessary & strategic contacts: who will get
      upset if they don't know about this in advance?
      Who will react better if invited as an "insider" into
      the plans?
      10) Needs for $$$, sources of $$$, ability to spend $$$.
      11) Next Steps.
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