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423Amelia's Navigator wanted for school program on Tuesday May 29th

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  • GGM
    Apr 29, 2007
      Medford's Madeleine Dugger Andrew's Middle School is just up river from
      the dam. Every spring the PTO organizes a RiverDay program outside in
      the Mystic Riverbend park along the river. This year's environnmental
      theme will include MRWA/MRWA and EPA presentations on water quality.

      This year our program includes a special connection to the dam- so I am
      hoping for a volunteer in costume to join us.

      Character actress, Jessa Piaia, will present a one-person
      interpretation of pioneer aviatrix Amelia Earhart entitled "Meet Amelia
      Earhart: First Lady of the Air" at the school on Tuesday May 29th,
      between 10am-2pm.

      We are seeking a "navigator" to escort our special guest, and introduce
      her for several short presentations. If you have time and are willing
      to put on a 1920's navigator costume (to be arranged) please reply to
      Gael Motz / motzstars@....

      Someday I hope "Amelia" can dedicate the new bike path opening...