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422Re: [MysticCrossing] Re: Meeting on Mystic Crossing / Option 6

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  • Bryce Nesbitt
    Apr 26, 2007
      Ah, good information. Previously I'd heard it was one of the small
      locks used that way, but I never managed to make it down there in high
      water to see.

      I also understand they do fish runs, opening a small lock if too many
      alewife or other fish are attempting to swim upstream.

      A drawbridge on the large lock also makes the travel route much more direct.


      How often is the large lock used to pass an actual waterborne vessel?
      Or put another way, how often would a drawbridge need to be opened?

      -Bryce Nesbitt

      swinslow@... wrote:
      > Actual Bryce the problem is exactly the opposite.. The large lock is open
      > for extended periods of time up to 100 days per year to let out the water
      > from the Mystic River.... Unlike the Charles River Dam that has sluice ways
      > that allow water to bypass the dam and locks, the only way to get water down
      > stream without pumping is to open up the locks... DCR indicates that means
      > that the locks will be impassable 30 to 40%.. So a single drawbridge
      > solution would best focus on the large lock...
      > Stephen Winslow
      > Senior Planner
      > City of Somerville
      > 93 Highland Avenue
      > Somerville MA 02143
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