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411Re: [MysticCrossing] Re: Meeting on the Wellington / Rt 28 Underpass

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  • Robert Mela
    Mar 9, 2007
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      Where's the pedestrian and bike accessibility? 16 and 28 segment what
      could be long, continuous trails. The underpass from the Mystic
      Reservation to Riverbend Park is an example of how to do it right.
      Also, sidewalk widths -- the wide sidewal on 16 over the mystic was
      important in making my bike commute to Kendall possible.

      It'd be great to have a "what's happening to my town" web site that has
      all this stuff for residents, people curious about planning, and house
      hunters considering a community, people investing in real estate, etc.

      I s'pose I could do one, if I could get the information stream.

      kenmedford wrote:
      > --- Robert Mela <rmela@...> wrote:
      > > What's in planning for the other side of the river -- Rt 16/28
      > > (Wellington Circle), and the Rt 16 bridge over the Malden river?
      > The below project is listed in Journey to 2030, the Boston
      > Metropolitan Planning Organization's Long Range Transportation Plan,
      > which currently is open to public comment until March 27:
      > Everett and Medford: Route 16 (Revere Beach Parkway)
      > Widen Route 16 where necessary to provide a
      > continuous six-lane mainline parkway cross-section
      > between Route 38 in Medford and Sweetser
      > Circle in Everett, except for a four-lane segment
      > in the vicinity of Wellington Circle. Wellington
      > Circle will be replaced with a tight single-point
      > diamond interchange, under which the four-lane
      > section of Route 16 would pass.
      > At the western limit of the project, the Interstate
      > 93, Route 38, and Route 16 ramps will be
      > realigned and relocated where necessary and
      > additional ramps will be constructed. The connection
      > between I-93 and Route 38 will be realigned
      > and reconstructed by switching the I-93 southbound
      > on-ramp and off-ramp, so that the current
      > on-ramp becomes the off-ramp and vice versa. In
      > addition, the on-ramp and off-ramp from Route
      > 38 to I-93 northbound will be relocated to a new
      > grade-separated interchange and combined with a
      > new connection from Route 16 directly onto I-93.
      > Estimated cost: $93 million.
      > Another project in the plan is to build a bypass road from westbound
      > Route 16 in Everett to Commercial Way in Medford that would serve
      > the River's Edge complex.
      > Everett, Malden and Medford: Telecom City Boulevard
      > Construct a two-lane, median-divided roadway
      > between Santilli Highway in Everett and Corporation
      > Way in Medford, with a bridge across the
      > Malden River. This new road will link the entire
      > River's Edge development project, located on
      > both sides of the river, into one unified campus.
      > Santilli Highway and Route 16 in Everett will
      > provide primary vehicular site access; Corporation
      > Way will also provide access from the west
      > side of the campus. The new road will accommodate
      > public traffic and will improve access
      > between the three communities.
      > Estimated cost: $15.2 million
      > See all the projects here:
      > http://www.ctps.org/bostonmpo/resources/plan/plan.htm
      > <http://www.ctps.org/bostonmpo/resources/plan/plan.htm>
      > - Ken Krause
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