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343Fwd: Katherine Abbott fired (just after morning meeting on Dam/Bus links)

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  • Bryce Nesbitt
    Feb 4 3:08 PM
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      This afternoon Governor Romney fired the leader of the Department of
      Conservation and Recreation, Katherine Abbott, and named as acting
      director Steve Pritchard. Ms. Abbott is very well-respected in the
      environmental community. To remove her from office as the merger of
      the former Metropolitan District Commission and Dept. of Environmental
      Management is finally beginning to settle sets back the progress of
      creating a world-class parks system and protection of the environment
      in Massachusetts.

      The DCR manages a significant portion of the open space in Somerville,
      including Foss Park, the Alewife Brook Parkway, Dilboy Field, Blessing
      of the Bay Boathouse and the Mystic River Basin land in Ten Hills.
      The leadership of that agency matters to our community. For example,
      this morning Ms. Abbott met with representatives from Somerville,
      Everett, state representatives, and environmental and walking/biking
      advocates about creating a walkway across the Amelia Earhart dam [and
      a link for Charlestown behind the MBTA facility]. The project was
      moving forward. What will happen now to this important resource for
      our community?

      Please let Governor Romney know that this action does not serve the
      best interests of Massachusetts. You can send him a message by going
      to this website:

      Jennifer Hill