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307Re: [MysticCrossing] Name of housing development proposed for Everett?

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  • Robert Mela
    Oct 31 7:57 AM
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      The 5 mixed use developments -- are they

      1) North Point, Cambridge
      2) Charlestown Navy Yard
      3) Rivers Edge, tri-city
      4) Mystic Place, Medford
      5) Mystic Landing, Everett

      I was in Baltimore part of last week. What they've done with the
      waterfront in just two decades has been astounding, and it hasn't
      stopped. There's new office construction, and there are new residential
      developments on the south side of the inner harbor. The old warships,
      coast guard cutter, lighthouse ship... all that are neatly integrated
      around rental pedalboats, restaurants, the Hard Rock Cafe, an
      outstanding acquarium, childrens museum, etc. & etc...

      What's happening along the Mystic has all sorts of potential & positive
      ramifications. I just hope it's done well.

      Actually, I'd just be happy with sailboat rentals or a place to keep a
      small sailboat...

      Unfortunately meetings are a no-go for me unless its teleconference
      early AM or after childrens bed time. The best I can do is write
      letters, start a blog or web site & try to make some contacts.

      EPDMARINE wrote:

      > You should also be aware that there are plans for development old the
      > Charlestown Navy Yard Lot 5 (where Testa currently has a Big Dig
      > laydown yard) alongside the Little Mystic Channel. This would be the
      > 5th mixed use development along the water within a mile of each other.
      > I have contacted the Rivers Edge developer regarding a water based
      > transportation link. This developer (John Preotle) was instrumental in
      > the design phase of the Wellington Greenway). There are many
      > possibility here. Perhaps we should hold a Mystic Crossing meeting in
      > the near future to discuss these and other issues?
      > Officer Patrick Johnston
      > Everett Police Marine Division
      > 617-905-3747
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