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306Re: [MysticCrossing] Re: Sister agreement in jeapordy

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  • Robert Mela
    Oct 31, 2004
      I know Sciortino will be supportive ( he's trying to live car-free ).
      I'm pretty well tied up until Tuesday helping his campaign.

      I'll work on letters & contacts over the next couple weeks once we get
      through this election. Barrios has been a good friend of Bike to the
      Sea, I imagine Pat Jehlen will be for it, as well as Jim Marzilli, and
      Anne Paulsen, though they're a bit further afield.

      Would it help to get city councillors / aldermen on board? I'm
      familiar with Medford and only vaguely familiar with Somerville. For
      Malden and Everett I have no clue, but I figure Steve Winslow & Patrick
      Johnson have those covered... Although half the Medford City Council
      hates me, the other half might be willing to sign a letter.

      As for meetings -- dinner / childrens' bedtime is a non-starter for me.
      The time I have to contribute is generally between 10 PM and 11 PM on
      nights when I don't get paged from work and/or can get away with leaving
      the house a mess...

      Bryce Nesbitt wrote:

      >YES! Any rep who is willing to write a letter to the MBTA and DCR is
      >valuable here. Any rep with a district within walking distance should
      >be a supporter. Connecting the Boston Harborwalk to miles of trails up
      >the Mystic should be very popular, even with representatives of other
      >Harborwalk districts all the way down the shoreline. If you're
      >willing to make the contacts, more power to you!
      >For lists of officials, see:
      >Or for detailed district boundaries check:
      > http://www.mass.gov/mgis/mapping.htm
      >Or simply click here for a great view
      > http://tinyurl.com/4q7bq
      >Or here:
      > http://tinyurl.com/5d9b4
      >I submitted both EPA settlements to the state GIS office, so they'll
      >show on the maps above. Just turn on feature Conservation/Trails/Bicycle.
      >The land swap spans the districts of Rep O'Flaherty and Toomey, and
      >Senator Shannon and Barrios.
      > -Bryce
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