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296Re: [MysticCrossing] Name of housing development proposed for Everett?

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  • Robert Mela
    Oct 26, 2004
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      In a similar vein, National Development Corporation is building a
      mixed-use development of several hundred ( 400?) units plus restaurants
      & shops at Wellington Circle. The development will be on 16 acres in
      the southeast corner of the Rt 16/Rt 28 junction ( the large vacant
      parking lot near the Wellington parking garage, President's Landing, and
      Krispy Kreme ).

      It's probably way too late in the process, but I've been wanting to
      contact National Development about how/whether the development links to
      surrounding trails, and whether they'd be interested in helping upgrade
      or enhance some of the trails. It seems to me $100k or less would be
      worth it to them in that it adds desirability & value for the units
      they'll be selling, as well as increasing foot traffic to any
      restaurants in the complex.

      After elections are over I'll have a couple hours per week to pursue
      this. My first thought is to contact Dan Driscoll ( who I've been
      meaning to contact about the Wellington Greenway ). After that I
      figure on pressuring Medford's OCD for more information ( it's like
      pulling teeth ... ) and finally the developer.

      Does anyone have other ideas on how to approach this? Does anyone see
      potential linkage to Mystic Crossing or other projects in the area?

      EPDMARINE wrote:

      > Mystic Landing is the proposed development at the old Monsanto
      > shipping/receiving/ admin site currently owned by Modern Continental.
      > Proposed plans include 530 residential units and a marina. Public
      > access trails (to Bike to the Sea, etc) will be accommodated. Plan
      > attached.
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