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295Re: [MysticCrossing] Name of housing development proposed for Everett?

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  • Bryce Nesbitt (mailing list account)
    Oct 26, 2004
      If the housing project moves forward, the developers and future residents
      are natural supporters of a Earhart Dam crossing.

      Heck, they'd be in walking distance to any Assembly Square Orange Line stop.

      If the bridge crossing is achieved with a pedestrian drawbridge over
      each lock,it might even be convenient!


      Robert Mela wrote:

      >My first reaction is that this is great news.
      >It looks like the railroad bridge immediately behind the site, and the
      >dam behind that... so the trails will go under the bridge and join with
      >the park behind Gateway Mall. Where's the tie-in to B2C?
      >Also, any idea on pricing for the condos?
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