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273Design Principals Memorandum

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  • Patrick
    Sep 20, 2004
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      Hi All,

      As you may know, there is a difference of opinion on what the next
      steps should be in construction of a Mystic Crossing at the Earhart

      The DCR has some concerns that they feel can best be made through a
      bridge design as opposed to a walkway design. The communities are
      concerned that a bridge design would eat up all the SEP money in
      design and permitting costs.

      In an effort to resolve this issue Steve Winslow and I colloborated
      on the creation of a Design Principals Memorandum. It has been
      uploaded to the files section of the Mystic Crossig Yahoo Group. The
      link to the file is:

      It is a large file ad may take a minute to download even witha high
      speed connection.

      Please review and comment. We would appreciate any and all comments
      before we formally submit to DCR.

      Thank You.

      Officer Patrick Johnston
      Everett Police Marine
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