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182Re: [MysticCrossing] Digest Number 58

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  • Bryce W Nesbitt
    Mar 2, 2004
      The Friends of the Community Path, and a variety of other trail groups, have signed short term  leases to MBTA property.  Licenses have been granted for 1 to 3 day "brush clearing" efforts and minor repairs up to and including a few shovels of stone dust.  The leases I personally negotiated went through Mark Boyle at the MBTA, and were completed without undue hassle.  I also received permission from MBTA operations to mount signs on MBTA property at Alewife, telling people which way to go to find the path.  Steve Woeful at the MBTA was my contact, and made it happen.

      Call it a "brush clearing & litter pickup weekend event", and I think you can easily get a lease.  Also design a sign for the parking lot saying something like "river path this way" and I think you can probably get permission to mount it.  Keep in mind your path will eventually be part of a nice recreational loop, from Wellington, through Gateway park, over the Earhart Dam, over the Route 28 bridge and back to Wellington.

                  Bryce Nesbitt

      Peter Hollands wrote:

      Hello, all.  I’m project director for TeleCom City (now called River’s Edge).  I happen to know that the MBTA owns the stretch you are talking about - from the end of the paved path on the west side of the tracks, under the tracks to the Wellington Parking lot.  We have been working with DCR and MBTA to figure out how to get a license from MBTA to upgrade this stretch using a small grant that DCR committed to TeleCom City to build it.  Steve Winslow is very involved from Bike to the Sea.  We are at the moment sort of stymied by the circular problem of how to upgrade the plans to the extent the MBTA through Transit Realty Assoc. needs in order to consider granting the license.  For one thing the very inexpensive path that is conceptualized as a first step toward an eventual fully-paved path hardly needs plans at all, and nobody has the money to pay for the kind of plans MBTA/TRA seems to want. 


      That said, the contact I have for the MBTA/TRA regarding this stretch is Melissa A. Boze, License Administrator mboze@... 617.482.2525.  I would recommend that somebody call her and see if there’s a one-time license that can be had.


      Peter Hollands

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