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175Re: FW: Walk along the Mystic River

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  • Bryce Nesbitt
    Mar 1, 2004
      That's probably only a minor hitch. The MBTA owns that section of
      dirt path, and keeps it open. You'd create no trouble by just walking
      it. Formal permission would come from Mark Boyle at MBTA real estate,
      but I don't think that asking is justified.

      When you're at Draw 7 park, you might also stare longingly along the
      Mystic River, toward Charlestown. Through the chain link fence you'll
      see an MBTA rail yard and bus yard that extend right to the river
      banks. You may see buses parked just a few feet from the river.

      While here, imagine what it might have been if the MBTA rail yard had
      been built after Chapter 91 regulations were implemented (Chapter 91
      requires public access as part of most waterfront development).
      Instead, you'll turn around and walk the long way to Sullivan Square


      --- In MysticCrossing@yahoogroups.com, WalkBoston <info@w...> wrote:
      > There is one major hitch: We will need permission to walk on the
      > path along the Malden River between the T¹s Wellington parking
      and the
      > paved path on the other side of the rapid transit tracks. Luckily,
      the path
      > is cleared and actually connects beneath the bridge to the paved
      path on the
      > other side. (Does this section have a name?)
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