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174Re: FW: Walk along the Mystic River

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  • Robert Mela
    Mar 1, 2004
      > There is one major hitch: We will need permission to walk on the unpaved
      > path along the Malden River between the T¹s Wellington parking Lot
      and the
      > paved path on the other side of the rapid transit tracks. Luckily,
      the path
      > is cleared and actually connects beneath the bridge to the paved
      path on the
      > other side. (Does this section have a name?)

      It's the Wellington Greenway, part of the Bike to the Sea project.
      Steve Winslow knows more about it than I do.

      I believe it's owned by the MBTA. I'll let him answer the rest, since
      my info may not be completely accurate. You can post an inquiry on
      the bike-to-the-sea Yahoo! group if you don't hear from Steve here.
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