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173FW: Walk along the Mystic River

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  • WalkBoston
    Mar 1, 2004
      FW: Walk along the Mystic River Hello,

      Lt. Pat McAdam and Officer Patrick Johnson of the Everett Police Department, Marine Division, have come through with the attached information about distances for the walk proposed for April 24, 2004. This walk will go between Wellington T Station and Sullivan Square via;
      1. the Amelia Earhart Dam (Everett Side);
      2. the Malden/Mystic River path in Everett
      3. the Route 16 bridge over the Malden River
      4. the MBTA Wellington parking lot;
      5. an unpaved path from the parking lot along the Malden and Mystic Rivers and under the rapid transit bridge;
      6. the paved path leading along the Mystic River through Medford up to Route 28;
      7. the Route 28 bridge sidewalk;
      8. the Somerville riverside paths on the Mystic;
      9. the Amelia Earhart Dam (Somerville side) and Draw 7 Park.

      The dam is included as a focus of the walk to underscore the need for a pedestrian/bicycle connection over it to connect the existing paths on both sides of the river. We will walk to both sides of the dam, covering 4.7 miles to make a connection that would be about 500 feet if a path over the dam were open.

      It is beginning to sound like the total of 4.7 miles is about right for a two-hour walk.

      There is one major hitch: We will need permission to walk on the unpaved path along the Malden River between the T’s Wellington parking Lot and the paved path on the other side of the rapid transit tracks.  Luckily, the path is cleared and actually connects beneath the bridge to the paved path on the other side. (Does this section have a name?)

      Unfortunately, we don’t know who owns this stretch of path. Pat said he thought that Medford was working on getting this particular path paved, and that it seemed likely that Medford is the key to getting permission to use the path on April 24. We are assuming that the new Medford Bipeds (is that the right name?) might be the principal actor here. So the question is – how to get permission to use the one sector of the path that is not open to the public for our one-day walk?

      When and if we get the missing link of the route approved, WalkBoston would like to prepare a map that can be handed out at the walk and used to publicize the need for the Amelia Earhart Dam pedestrian/bicycle path connection.

      Please let us know what can be done about the missing link of the path and who can do it.



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      From: "EPDMARINE" <EPD.Marine@...>
      Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 23:05:35 -0500
      To: "Bob Sloane" <info@...>
      Subject: Walk of Incomplete Paths

      Hi Bob,

      Lt. Pat got the distance info (see below) You need to get Rob Mela or someone from Medford to get permission to walk down behind MBTA lot.

      Let me know.

      Distances : Wellington Station to the dam (one way)                                                       .9 tenths
                         Dam > Wellington Station > under R&R track > Wellington Yacht Club   1.5 miles
                         Wellington Yacht Club > Rt 28 > Winter Hill Yacht Club                             1.0 mile
                          Winter Hill > Dam                                                                                              .1 tenth
                         Dam > Assembly Square Mall > Sullivan Station                                        1.2 miles
                                                                                                                                                    4.7 miles
                          NOTE: Distance from dam > GE lot        1.3 miles                     
      Officer Patrick Johnston
      Everett Police Marine Division

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