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122Re: [MysticCrossing] Mystic Master Plan

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  • Doug Mink
    Feb 3, 2004
      Bryce W Nesbitt wrote:
      > The MDC had indeed become dysfunctional, and all the meddling by the
      > legislature was a sign of that sickness. When you can't get a pothole
      > fixed without calling a Senator, something is wrong. The legislative
      > micro-management of the MDC/DCR is something I hope will fade away.

      Among other things, the former MDC Commissioner, who seemed to be too
      politically well-connected to be removed without removing his entire
      agency, was opposed to masterplans and said so in a public forum.

      The legislative micromanagement existed because the MDC never was
      able to connect with its own constituents, and greenspace constituents
      have never (at least in my almost 25 years of involvement in Mass.)
      been able to muster enough political power to force adequate funding
      of either the DEM or the MDC. If the new DCR communicates adequately
      with park users and advocates (who do not necessarily have the same
      interests) and then can do what it says it will do, no legislative
      involvement will be needed. If the DCR does not (or is not allowed to)
      respond to its constituents, our only choice will be to ask legislators
      to intervene.

      -Doug Mink
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