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121Re: [MysticCrossing] Mystic Master Plan

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  • Bryce W Nesbitt
    Feb 3, 2004
      Another area project (the Watertown Branch Rail Trail) was stalled for
      similar reasons. Everything was a "go", but the issuing of the notice
      to proceed. Apparently the DCR had let go the contract administrator,
      but he came back as a contractor two days a week.

      The MDC had indeed become dysfunctional, and all the meddling by the
      legislature was a sign of that sickness. When you can't get a pothole
      fixed without calling a Senator, something is wrong. The legislative
      micro-management of the MDC/DCR is something I hope will fade away.


      Doug Mink wrote:

      >Last summer and fall, a lot of MDC funding was frozen in the merger into
      >the DCR. Program managers sometimes found out that they had lost the
      >funding weeks after it happened. As of the beginning of January, there
      >were no permanent appointees in DCR immediately below the head of the
      >agency, and no new projects (or at least vanishingly few) were being
      >initiated. Appointments are supposed to be made by spring. The
      >Neponset, where I volunteer, lost several projects. The money may
      >be gone permanently, but it is possible that the legislators who got
      >it in the first place can wrench it free (though I believe that one
      >of the goals of the Romney adminstrations merger of DEM and MDC was
      >to remove the hand of the legislaturefrom agency decisions).
      >-Doug Mink
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