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  • Jessica Juckers
    Hi all, read this poem today, thought I would share. Take care Jessica Becoming a special needs parent changes everything When you learn that your child has a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2004
      Hi all, read this poem today, thought I would share.
      Take care
      Becoming a special needs parent changes everything

      When you learn that your child has a complex medical condition or
      special needs, your world is turned upside down.  

      The hopes and dreams and normal expectations you have on
      parenthood now shift to a very different reality.

      You are as different from other people as your child is.

      You realize that sometimes things just do not happen as you planned.  

      Instead of deciding what comforters would go with your decorated
      theme at the "Baby Store"
      Your decisions are now how to fit in medical equipment like oxygen
      tanks and machines next to the stuffed animals you received at the
      baby shower.

      Your baby's drawers not only have cute colored socks and T-shirts.
      They also have non latex powder free gloves, syringes and other
      medical supplies.

      The Lullaby Tapes you play for your baby  in hopes of creating a soft
      serene environment for your child are now drowned out by the alarms
      and beeps of the equipment that monitors your child's vital signs.

      Well baby check ups will not be at set intervals of stages in your
      babies growth.
      You will see your child's doctor more often than some of your family
      members and the pharmacist at the local drugstore will know you by

      You no longer have the choice of screening potential baby sitters, to
      make sure that your child care is to your comfort level.
      You sometimes have to accept whoever the home health agency can
      send your way, although licensed in nursing and capable as they are,
      you just no longer have the choice anymore.

      Instead of sleepless nights for the first year until your child outgrows
      the bottle.
      You start to forget the meaning of the word sleep and your coffee pot is
      constantly on.

      Life as a special needs parent is different from most people, but there
      are differences that other people will never know.

      You are witnessing a miracle each day...

      When you see your child's little legs trembling as he tries to stand, with
      all his strength however little it is because he feels the floor under his

      When you look down at him,  you see he has this huge proud grin on
      his face like he is conquering the world, he is isn't he?

      When they tell you that your child will never do much or amount to
      anything, yet you feel your baby hug you for the first time.  Or after
      hundreds of times that you press your face against his lips you hear
      him smooch you a kiss.

      When your child reaches out and pets your dog, or smiles when he is
      kissed by his sister or laughs at the most ridiculous things, but he

      Like the joy of seeing your child take steps to walk for the first time
      when for years you thought this was not in your child's future.

      You start to realize that all the sacrifices you have made, the sleepless
      nights, the mom or dad hours you put in learning therapy and skills of

      The roles you have played as advocate, nurturer, protector, chauffeur
      and parent really pay off when you see the your child's face light up just
      at hearing your voice or resting in your arms.

      That light in his eyes telling you that your child knows without a doubt
      that he is loved.

      You appreciate the little things and remember...that today is the only
      day that you are guaranteed and the present moment is all that
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