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MDA services in the US

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  • patsarah2006
    Hi guys. I just wanted to let people know that with a diagnosis of MTM/CNM that you are eligible for services from the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the
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      Hi guys. I just wanted to let people know that with a diagnosis of
      MTM/CNM that you are eligible for services from the Muscular
      Dystrophy Association in the United States. The MDA can be quite a
      handy resource.

      You can get medical care from a MDA clinic from a doctor that
      specializes in treating patients with neuromuscular disease. It's
      easy to sign up - just go to the MDA website (www.mda.org) and type
      in your zip code to find the clinic nearest to your home. There are
      some other benefits as well (including financial help for some
      equipment). See below:

      Services to enhance mobility and independent living are available in
      each community through MDA's local network of field offices.

      Wheelchairs/Leg Braces/Communication Devices

      MDA assists with the purchase of wheelchairs, leg braces, and
      communication devices. All those for whom wheelchairs, leg braces, or
      communication devices have been recommended, regardless of age,
      education or employment status, are eligible for MDA assistance when
      the equipment is prescribed by an MDA clinic physician in relation to
      an individual's neuromuscular disease.

      In addition to utilizing whatever medical insurance may be
      applicable, the person for whom the equipment has been prescribed or
      that person's family may be asked to assist with its purchase through
      personal resources.

      The maximum allowable assistance toward the purchase of a wheelchair,
      leg braces or a communication device is established by MDA annually.

      Equipment Loan Program

      MDA provides, to the extent feasible and when available, good-
      condition recycled wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment
      when medically prescribed in relation to an individual's
      neuromuscular disease. When the individual for whom it was prescribed
      no longer needs the equipment, families are encouraged to return it
      to MDA for use by others. Through its local chapters and field
      offices, MDA accepts durable medical equipment for distribution
      through the Association's loan program.


      The Association assists with payment toward the cost of
      repairs/modifications to all wheelchairs and leg braces routinely
      authorized for MDA payment. The amount allowable toward
      repairs/modifications is established by the Association annually.

      Camp Program

      MDA-sponsored summer camps offer a wide range of programs for young
      people ages 6 to 21. Activities are geared to the abilities of
      campers and may include outdoor sports such as fishing, swimming and
      horseback riding. Less physically demanding activities include arts
      and crafts, talent shows, cook-outs and entertainment.

      Accessibility and Awareness

      MDA actively monitors and supports programs and legislation relevant
      to people with disabilities such as medical care, insurance,
      accessibility, transportation, education, independent living and
      personal assistance services.|

      Community Resources

      Services not provided by MDA are often available from other organized
      community agencies. MDA assists in securing help from these community
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