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Michael McGrath: Biography

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  • Toni Louise Abram
    Pat I have attached Michael Mcgrath s biography below which give details of the the type of Muscular Dystrophy that he has. It seems that he was diagnosed
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2003
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      I have attached Michael Mcgrath's biography below which give details
      of the the type of Muscular Dystrophy that he has. It seems that he
      was diagnosed with one type and then re-diagnosed some time later.

      Thanks for the link - I haven't had a chance to explore it in any
      detail but I will do in time.


      Biography – Michael McGrath

      Born in 1965 in the UK, Michael was educated by the Jesuits at St
      John's Beaumont near Windsor in Berkshire and then at Stonyhurst
      College, near Clitheroe in Lancashire. In 1984, Michael turned down
      one of only 10 places offered in the UK for the esteemed 5 year Savoy
      Trainee Management Programme in London. In 1988, Michael graduated
      from Oxford Brookes University having achieved a 2.1 BSc (Hons)
      degree in Hotel Management and Business Studies.

      On the rare occasion when Michael is not working on The Muscle Help
      Foundation and in particular pole2pole matters, he is contracted on
      tactical business development assignments that focus on people
      development, performance improvement and employee motivation. He has
      worked with a number of leading UK agencies. More recently and as a
      direct result of recent achievements, he is now an established
      inspirational presenter on the international speaker circuit.

      § At age 14, Michael wanted to be a professional golfer, having been
      taught by Alex Hay, now one of the world's leading TV broadcasters.
      § At age 15, Michael was selected to play at Junior Wimbledon
      § At age 20, after two years of trying to find out why Michael was
      loosing his muscle bulk, he was diagnosed with what was at that time
      one of the most rare forms of Muscular Dystrophy known as Emery
      Dreifuss Syndrome, a progressive muscle wasting disease
      § At age 23, Michael completed a remarkable sponsored golf challenge
      at Ashridge Golf Club near Little Gaddesden in Hertfordshire that
      regularly features in the top 100 golf courses in the UK, not only
      competing but walking with great difficulty the Par 72 (6,505yds)
      course, not once but twice, a distance of just over 9 miles!
      § At age 26, Michael experienced 'terminal velocity' by hurling
      himself from 11,500ft out of a perfectly good Twin Prop Trilander for
      charity at Weston-On-The-Green, near Oxford with a cameraman from the
      Red Devils Parachute Regiment
      § At age 28, Michael joined the 'Lord Nelson' at Southampton, one of
      only two 'Tall Ship Square Riggers' in the world that actively
      promotes the integration of able-bodied and physically challenged
      people, as a member of the crew sailing around the Canary Islands.
      The JST (Jubilee Sailing Trust) is the only organisation in the world
      to be able to offer tall ship sailing holidays to people with
      physical disabilities. As an organisation, the JST fervently believes
      that all individuals should have the opportunity to sail a tall ship
      § At age 29, after learning how to ride, Michael sat astride a 17
      hand skewbald cob called 'Major George', taking a creditable 2nd
      place in his dressage class at the Lloyds TSB National RDA (Riding
      for the Disabled Association) Championships at Highclere Castle, near
      Newbury. The aim of the RDA is to provide disabled people with the
      opportunity to ride and/or to carriage-drive to benefit their health
      and well-being
      § At age 34, whilst mentally preparing to have a pacemaker fitted,
      Michael's diagnosis was changed to 'Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy'
      as a direct result of the advances made in the field of neuromuscular
      research. As a result, he was told that his heart was unaffected and
      that a pacemaker would no longer be required

      Despite the limitations of his condition now requiring a more
      sedentary life-style, Michael continues to pushback and confronts
      head-on the challenges that life presents. Notwithstanding the
      physical difficulties that Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy brings,
      Michael remains utterly focused on maintaining his current level of
      mobility through regular exercise, sheer determination, immense self
      belief and strength of mind

      Since July 2002, Michael's focus has been on planning and launching
      The Muscle Help Foundation and preparing for Antarctica and the South

      --- In Myotubular_Myopathy@yahoogroups.com, redscootee@w... wrote:
      > Toni, I am going to see if I can find the article on the MDA Canada
      > site. I am including the link for you to check also. I was having
      > trouble getting into the newsletter this morning. Wonder if it is
      > sunspots?? The newsletter is called Connections and that is where
      > said she saw the stats.
      > <a href="http://www.mdac.ca/">MDA Canada</a>
      > I am going to add Michael McGrath's site on our site also. Do you
      > what type of md he has? I did not see mention of the type he had on
      > site.
      > take care pat
      > http://www.wtv-zone.com/mdaww/indexzep1.html
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