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6030update on regan and marconi

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  • rachel_wrigley
    Jun 5, 2008
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      we have for an appointment at the hospital 2 day and the doc looked at
      marconis tube and said it was fine we also was told regan now has to
      have a g tube too he keeps losing weight hes lost 5 lb in the past 2
      mths im getting very concerned about him now im not too sure how long
      the appointment is going to be

      we also going to get a small wheel chair for regan and he also needs
      night time splints im glad someone has finally listened to me and the
      docs are sorting regan out hes been left too long fingers crossed he
      has the op soon then he can start and put some weight bk on

      sorry to hear about the boys that all ill im wishing then a speedy
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