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  • patsarah2006
    Jan 12, 2008
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      I am familiar with Botox. It has been used in rehab since at least the
      early 90's. I am no expert but from what I gather it is an injectible
      form of botulism. When injected in small amounts it "paralyzes" a
      muscle for several weeks. It is usually used with high muscle tone
      (e.g. stroke, CP, etc). My girlfriend has a son with Leigh's disease
      and her son gets Botox every 6 weeks in his hips with good results.
      You may have heard of it being commonly used to reduce wrinkles.

      Another stretching technique that may be affected is "contract-relax"
      to stretch the flexors you have the child actively contract the leg in
      the opposite direction (extension). The idea is that the brain works
      to inhibit one muscle group when it is contracting the reverse. Geez,
      it's hard to explain in an e-mail but maybe your PT is familiar. I
      think any functional activities that do the same thing would be great,
      too (like standing). The leg braces sound effective and Wendy had some
      clever tips, too.

      Good luck with Chaz. Sarah
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